What transforms a manager into a leader?

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One of the main things I think helps – is having a philosophic conversation on what it means to be a good manager. Often – management training is about – processes and reporting expectations. 

What transforms a manager into a leader – is actually philosophy. Giving people time to think about what the ethical thing to do is. How to use ethics to help motivate people to do good work. How to use ethics to set goals that people can rally around and want to work for.  Ethical philosophy is perhaps the most underrated skill but it’s what distinguishes a leader from a manager.

What I like to see is activities that pose questions and allow participants to have ethical discussions about what a good solution might look like. Or what is an ideal ethical method for dealing with a lying employee for instance. The great thing about ethics is that the best way to teach it is to pose questions and let people – think and discuss it.

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