Can Company Terminate If I Refused To Relocate

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From last 7 days i am on bench  it's a indian number 3 IT Company, i have received call from RMG that you have to relocate regarding new project. So i told them i have to take care of my mom dad because there to old also critical health problem and don't have any sibling i am unmarried . So he said your family important then job and don't have right to say anything because you on bench. So then there will be final decision will be terminated . So is that possible they will terminate me because i refuse to relocate. .

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Vikas Bhardwaj
Vikas Bhardwaj 4 months ago

Firstly, Cause of Termination does not include non-performance even if there is an agreement existing between employer and employee binding him to take all the jobs. The job remains in the hands as relocation can’t be physical enforcement.

Secondly, the employee must have a sound and specific reason for refusal to relocate and he/she must convince the employer. For example, a severe medical emergency in the family or old parents can't be left unattended. As it’s unfair with the company that has invested time and money on the employee not to listen ‘No’ at the time to reap the benefit of its investment. Next, it may bring to demotion as a penalty or warning letters for termination on not accepting the job at the new place. It depends upon the behavior of managerial personnel.

So, one should be ready for negative consequences if one can’t justify the refusal for relocation even if the job is saved.


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