Resignation not accepted from payroll company

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I am working as contract in a Network and IT solutions Company under payroll of other company.
On 08th November 2020, I sent a resignation mail to HR of my payroll company(Consulting Firm) and mentioned my last day of working as 07th December 2020, giving 30 days notice as per the company polices. (I need to serve 2 month notice if confirmed but my services are not confirmed till my DOJ is 9th May 2019 this is mentioned in the offer letter which i have received from payroll company).

Today 11th day i have received a mail from payroll company to check with client for confirmation & no due. but I need to submit at least my resignation mail to my next employer.

Please suggest what I need to do now as already 11 days was over in my notice period.

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Hi, you already sent a mail to your consulting firm, now the same you can forward to your current employer and acknowledge this also with your next employer for joining purpose. For many reasons, current employers do not accept the resignation, they don't want to release or want to harass the employee, but one should always follow the proper document process to handle this type of situation, and you already followed the process.