Kindly explain the Flexikitty reimbursement in a CTC

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Hello all,

I got an offer from a Bengaluru-based MNC and received a CTC of Rs.11,40,000 per annum. 

Basic Salary                                                    380,004

House Rent Allowance                                    190,008

Company's contribution to Provident Fund     21,600

Flexikitty Reimbursement                                358,392

Total Fixed Pay                                                950,004

Bonus / Incentives                                           189,996

Gross Pay (CTC)                                           11,40,000

My questions are,

From the above, compensation split-up, Could anyone please clarify about the "Flexikitty reimbursement"?  

Kindly list out the type of reimbursement items covered under Flexikitty reimbursement.

Since it is covered around 30% of my overall CTC, is it a good offer to accept?

if any amount is not reimbursed under the flexibility component, then how much is my monthly take-home?

kindly please clarify the doubt on that.

Thanks in advance.

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