Interview Question: What is your greatest strength?

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What are your strengths? Where does one should begin in an interview? Mostly this question is asked by HR professionals. Looking for the best replies which can be convenience to HRs.

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2 Answers

Piyush Raijada
Piyush Raijada 3 months ago

As far as i think, my biggest strength is my communication and to potray the topic in a better way when having a group discussion which makes it convenient for everyone to understand.


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Ajay Thakur
Ajay Thakur 4 months ago

Yes, Rachelle, most employers want to see if you can strike the right balance between confidence and humility. Hiring managers also want to get a sense of how self-aware and honest you are and align your strengths to the role at hand. This should be an answer..

"My greatest strength is that I am equally at ease when talking to executives, business users, and engineers.

I come from an engineering background, but I have a very strong understanding of the business. This well-rounded view allows me to connect with colleagues from disparate departments and points of view quickly and authentically.

I also have the ability to see the big, strategic picture, while not losing sight of the nuts and bolts. I can create and execute a strategy at a high level while also understanding the execution difficulties at an engineering level.

Over the course of my career, I have found that many leaders generally do one or the other, and my ability to do both has proven to be advantageous to my projects and teams.

By understanding the challenges from multiple angles, I’m able to connect the dots and create solutions. This is evidenced by my track record of building and managing high-performance teams"


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