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Hi seniors, I know this is a very common question asked in interviews by HRs. I would like to know some best answers if you can suggest. Every designation has its answers according to the job profile. 

Looking for simple and best answers :)

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Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur One month ago

A lot of jobs require someone who can think on their feet or present ideas with crispness and clarity. This question provides employers with an early preview of your core skills, your personality and your ability to respond to an unstructured question.


In my current role as the marketing analyst responsible for a shampoo product line, my core responsibility is to assist the marketing manager to prepare the analytics for monthly sales, as well as a sales prediction model. I also manage the campaign budget, prepare wrap-up reports, and connect with our marketing agencies. All of this requires analytical thinking, attention to detail, and clear communication skills.

My current role has provided me solid execution experience in all the marketing aspects, including campaign planning, campaign management, and analysis.

I am looking for a marketing manager role, where I can make a bigger impact as an individual contributor, as well as delve into strategic planning, and potentially grow into a people manager in a few years.


I would describe myself as highly curious and focused on learning in all parts of life, personal and professional.

In my professional life, I look for the hardest problems to solve and where I can learn and develop the most. I’ve taken on many different types of projects, including ads, virtual reality, commerce, and messaging. No matter what I’m working on, I’m very invested. I identify anyone I can learn from, as well as problems that I care about, and try to optimize every step of the process.

In my personal life, I spend a lot of time reading and usually have a focused area of interest for a longer period of time. For instance, last year, I read and researched public transportation systems and the future of transportation with emerging companies and autonomous vehicles. I found it fascinating, and it actually sparked a desire to change industries — which eventually led me to my last role and even helped prepare me for the switch.

Outside of reading and researching, I also love to travel, cook with friends, and spend a lot of time running and being physically active outdoors.



I’ve been shipping consumer devices for the past two decades. Over the years, I’ve built an expertise in firmware and bootloader designs.

I’ve been lucky to have a few great mentors over the course of my career and find a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction in being able to do the same. I currently oversee a team of engineers and have helped grow several team members into managerial roles as well.

Additionally, I like to stay active within the industry community and recently spoke at the Developer Week conference.

I’ve been happy at my current role, have managed many successful product launches, and really enjoy management. I’d like to use my expertise to deliver more impact on a growing company — to help grow and shape team and culture —and make a significant impact in the market.


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