Can you explain your employment gap?

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Many people have lost their jobs in this Covid situation, again the market is opening and people hunting for new job opportunities. But they have an employment gap in their resume right now. Can anyone suggest how to tackle this question when any HR asks this employment gap question from the candidate? 

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Karen Edge
Karen Edge 5 months ago

Resigning from my corporate job in preparation to migrate to a different country months before the pandemic hit is the reason for my employment gap. However, I did manage to get into the freelance writing industry months after. 


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Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur 4 months ago

I think, this question isn’t designed to rule you out - it’s a good sign if you get the interview. Interviewers want to get more context about the gap and whether you’re still going to be a great fit for the role, despite the gap.

Many people have an employment gap in this pandemic or Covid situation globally. Here are my answers.


The 2-month gap on my resume was intentional. I wanted to leave space to prepare for a big international move and take the opportunity to travel. I’d been heads-down for much of my career, and this seemed like an ideal time to unplug.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I didn’t end up moving or traveling, and the new job fell through. I’ve used the time to brush up on my Spanish through online tutoring, practice some new recipes, and make my way through a reading list that’s relevant for my next role.

I have also spent time thinking deeply about the contributions I’d like to make in the next chapter of my career and develop some concrete goals. Finally, I’ve been volunteering remotely with a London-based organization that I’m really excited about.

The unexpected time off has given me a chance to reevaluate some priorities and goals, find inspiration, and recharge for my next move.


Looking at my resume, you’ll notice I have an employment gap of 5 months. I was relocating internationally and had to go through the administrative process of procuring my travel visa and work authorization permits. During this time, I couldn’t legally be employed abroad.

The time off was a blessing. It allowed me to recharge my batteries and use the time to stay current with industry and consumer trends. I took the opportunity to evaluate my career journey and make sure I was working towards my long-term goal of being a multinational general manager. Without the day-to-day hustle, I was able to be introspective and distill the lessons I’d taken away in previous roles, and start planning my intentions for the next.

I also used the time to read up on the latest developments in design thinking and innovation, and even took a couple of online courses in these spaces. What initially seemed like a frustrating forced break ended up being a very positive period of time for me, and I was able to start my next chapter feeling inspired and refreshed.


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