What are your salary expectations?

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Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur 2 months ago

To be very honest, mostly, salary depends on your interview. Every company pays you based on your ability so you need to be smart at the time of the interview. The more you communicate confidently with an interviewer, the more interviewers will take an interest to hire you. Surely You know and heard that “salary is no bar for the right candidate”? I suggest you answer this question very brightly. 

Check the complete Answer  posted by @Sagrika of "What is your salary expectation?"


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Ajay Thakur
Ajay Thakur 2 months ago

Hello, If this question arises early, odds are that the interviewer is really asking: “Can we afford you?” If it arises much later, the interviewer may be hoping that your salary requirements are aligned with what they have budgeted for this role.


Based on my current compensation and market research from resources like Glassdoor and levels.FYI, I am seeking a base salary within the range of $[dollar amount] to $[dollar amount]. I’ve seen similar roles that are offering $[dollar amount].

My specific experience and years in the field are closely aligned with this position, making me a strong candidate to be able to jump in and quickly add value.

That said, I understand that this base salary range might be on the higher end of the spectrum for a growing company, and I’m willing to consider a lesser base paired with a signing bonus or increase in restricted stock units. My intention is to grow with the company and invest myself in its success.


After researching market ranges from multiple sources online and taking into account my education, experience, and location, I’m targeting roles with base salaries in the range of [dollar amount].

 Of course, I’m also taking into account opportunities for long-term growth with an emphasis on purpose-driven work as I evaluate and weigh options — and my values are closely aligned with your organization’s mission.

 For this reason, I would be willing to negotiate a base salary in exchange for a generous time-off policy. I intend to be a high-performing asset to your company, and value time to recharge when appropriate.


It’s important to me any new role is positive from a work standpoint. I want the work that I’d be doing to be impactful, and I want to know that I can contribute meaningfully to the organization. That’s why I’m most interested in this role: My personal values and ambitions are aligned with the company’s mission.

As far as annual compensation, I’m open to how it is paid out, whether through base salary or a bonus structure. For a move to make sense to me, I would need the total compensation to be between [desired salary range].

Additionally, in future conversations, I’d also like to discuss how we might leverage the signing bonus to compensate for some of the long-term Incentives like stock options that I’d be walking away from in my current role.


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