Tell me about a time you created a goal and achieved it.

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Kajal Thakur
Kajal Thakur 4 months ago

Strong answers reassure interviewers about your ambition and your determination to press ahead. Pick a trivial goal, and you’re at risk of being tagged as a slacker.

Check these elaborated replies..


"In my line of work, most top performers have MBAs.

I couldn't afford to step out of the workforce for two years to earn one. But I promised myself to do everything possible to earn an MBA within three years while working full-time.

I found a top-rated online program and started setting my alarm clock for 5:30 a.m. I set goals of two hours of study time in the morning and evening, and made detailed to-do lists to manage both my study schedule and my other work responsibilities. It was incredibly hard, but I persisted and managed every minute of my day—and achieved my goal"


"I was two weeks into my first role with a new company when the leader of our business unit requested to showcase all the technology my team was working on, plus two brand new demos in the grand opening of our New Mumbai office — in just six weeks.

My manager tagged me to lead the charge. Most of our projects weren’t client-ready, which would mean lots of coding and testing to do in a short period of time. I don’t think anyone thought we’d have it 100% ready in time.

I gathered the team and explained to them that we had a really cool opportunity, and asked for their ideas. I didn’t sugarcoat how hard it would be but promised to do everything I could to clear the path.

In the next few weeks, I quickly re-prioritized our Jira backlog to put other non-critical projects on pause and communicated to those stakeholders. I then implemented weekly sprints and daily standups to reduce meeting overhead and increase the time available for them to code and test in pairs.

And to keep up morale, I requested funds from leadership to sponsor dinners for the team when they worked late, and even secured travel funds so that our developers could attend the opening.

Through careful re-prioritization, open communication, and keeping the morale high, we were able to successfully deliver the demo as the result"



"While working as a digital analyst for a top snack brand, sales growth had been slowing for our company. After discovering that our key customers - people between 16-24 year-olds - were heavily over-indexing on mobile, I persuaded the team to execute a massive pivot: shifting 25% of our digital spending towards top mobile channels.

We began to liaise with leading sports platforms and leveraged their flagship app. Envisioning true integrations, not just tiny banners that go unnoticed, we began to gain stakeholder buy-in through casual pop-ins with senior leadership — so that by the time we had a solid plan, approval was already implied.

We inked multi-year deals as their top sponsor to block out competitors in this emerging space. We received so many mobile impressions that I personally rolled up my sleeves and flew to Pune City to meet with our digital creative agency to brainstorm a content roadmap tailored to top markets, levering our existing sports relationships and assets in each geography.

This program was a strong performer, delivering tons of value, reaching a coveted audience, and gaining industry awards that boosted the profiles of marketing leadership. It also helped me reinforce that new channels can be great opportunities if you just remember the basics: It’s all about reaching the right customer at the right time"


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