Republic Day Celebration Ideas and Mail Format Required

Hi all’s, Republic day is the day through which constitution gave us Faith, Freedom, Peace and Pride. We are going to celebrate republic day in our office, So I need your help and some ideas on t...

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How to update untidy HR Functions - Please Help

My HR is totally unprocessed and there is no systematic SOPs in the organisation. I want to streamline all the Hr department and all policies, Please help me out how I can make it possible....

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What would be the future scope of HR department?

Now a days HR department playing a very crucial and vast role in all organization, but recently we have seen that some organisations are planning for HR automation, So I want to know about the re...

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Suggest any course after Completing MBA in HR

My friend is pursuing MBA in HR and after completing her MBA , she want to do one more course in HR which increase the importance in HR field, can you please suggest me any course related to HR....

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How do you handle behavioral issues in new startup company?

How do you handle behavioral issues in new startup company? Is it really wise to terminate an employee based on behavior problem or we should give them chance to be professional?...

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Freshers Want To Start Their Career....!!

Freshers who just completed their acdemic qualification and now they want to start their career? What is the right step to start their career. Even they don't know much about this. They need guidance and counselling on this stage. Qualification is a Tag now a days. If any one wants to start...

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Need Help For My HR Professional Career

Hello Friends, I'm Neha Sharma and just completed MBA -HR, I want to start my Career in HR, but don’t have any Practical Knowledge of HR, I given 2 or 3 Interviews in companies but they are considering fresher. They need who have hr practical knowledge. Please provide me the data what...

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Need Help Regarding Full & Final Settlement

Hello Sir, I've been working with a private Limited Company from January 2009 to January 2014. After acceptance of my resignation, they have given me a letter stating that we will issue Full & Final sheet to you; on acceptance of the same we will pay your dues within a month. Actually,...

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Need Appointment Letter Clause- Termination Without Reason

Need to know your expert opinion on the New Appointment letter clause, which can be cover Termination without any reason. ...

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About Gratuity

Dear All, Please share basics of Gratuity and PF.   ...

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Good University for MBA in HR

Hi, I need some guidance about further study. Currently I am working with MNC Company from last 3 years and graduate from Delhi University. I want to do MBA in HR, so I can upgrade my profile for next position/ Level. Can you suggest me any good distance learning University for MBA? University shoul...

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A Brief Check list of Labour Laws

A brief checklist of all labour laws composted by P.B.S Kumar. Indian labour law, it refers to laws regulating worker / labour in India. Usually, Indian governments at federal and state level have sought to ensure a high degree of protection for lobours, but in practice, legislative rights only cove...

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What is ISMS HR audit?

Recently I Joined in new organization, just one month gone and I came to know that there is HR ISMS audit in next month.So we need to prepare our self for this audit and management has said they don’t want any NC in HR. Can you please guide me for this proper, how I can prepare the whole things for ...

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Why people afraid from HRs?

I have heard many times that in other organizations when HR calls you, people get scared, but that is not the case with my organization. They are not really afraid. So is it a good thing or bad one, also why is people afraid of HR?...

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Requirements For Airtel Representatives

Hi, We required 80 Airtel Customer Care Associates in Mohali location, salary inhand 10k, good communication skills in english, cab facilty in tricity, Internal growth after six months, stress free environment ...

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