SWOT Assessment Using Malcolm Baldrige Model – Excel Format

The Malcolm Baldrige Quality Improvement Program provides guidelines for improving quality within any company. Here is the 91 criteria are evaluated and scored for assessing overall quality perfo...

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KRA- Key Performance Area – HR Head

KRA – Key result area and key performing area, though this terms hold deferent meaning but mostly used interchangeably and less or more assumed to have same applicability. The purpose of this post is to give you an idea about Hr Heads/ managers’ responsibilities and define the outcome or end result ...

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Employee Performance Appraisals System – Sample Formats

Performance Appraisal system is a part of ongoing management process, the purposes of which are to provide for systematic planning by allowing the manager to identify critical job elements & objectives. Conduct a systematic review of employees overall performance & provide constructive feedb...

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Employee benefits on 360 degree appraisal – Sample Formats

Performance appraisals are essential for an effective management and analysis of employees. Appraisals facilitate develop people, improve structure performance, and feed into business coming up with. Formal performance appraisals are typically conducted annually for all employees within the organiza...

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