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Retaining an employee- A Challenge

We know keeping competent employee is major challenge of any organization. There may be various factors like issue in retention. Retaining a good talent is not an easy job for any one. Mostly employee does not want to leave the organization, they want to leave their bosses, working culture, politica ...

Posted by - Kajal Thakur Kajal Thakur

Best Inspiring Stories - Motivational

Short stories are powerful reads. Here is a list of best most inspirational short stories I've heard, and they'll leave you speechless. Reading some inspirational stories’ is providing some inner vision and motivates us toward our life goals. You can read these very good Inspiring Stories here: Enjo ...

Posted by - Kajal Thakur Kajal Thakur

Peacock Presentation for Organizational Development - Download

I got one excellent presentation on Organizational Development through someone. This is really awesome and useful at the end of Moral. I am here sharing with you and hope you also will like. A very nice approach to throw light on organization development and very true for today's successful Organiza ...

Posted by - Sanjay Kumar Sanjay Kumar