Naukri Portal on sharing basis - Hyderabad

Naukri job Portal available on sharing basis 24*7Options for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year subscription at a cost-effective mannerFull access of entire database with relevant Resumes.If interested...

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Resignation not accepted from payroll company

I am working as contract in a Network and IT solutions Company under payroll of other company.On 08th November 2020, I sent a resignation mail to HR of my payroll company(Consulting Firm) and men...

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Required Naukri Login on Sharing basis

I Need Naukri resume database access Please connect on 8285602278 and share details on how to proceed further....

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Can Company Terminate If I Refused To Relocate

From last 7 days i am on bench it's a indian number 3 IT Company, i have received call from RMG that you have to relocate regarding new project. So i told them i have to take care of my mom dad b...

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What will the ratio for hiring 20 candidates in month?

please suggest what will be the answer for above question? In terms of 1. how many profiles I have to source(e.g 120 profiles) 2 . What will be selection and rejection ratios(80% will be select) ...

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Hello, I am a recent graduate in Applied Psychology and finding difficulty to start a career in HR. I need help with some career advice on the same. I have attached my resume for your reference. ...

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I cannot serve notice period ,Company not allowing payout option.

Hi Everyone.I have resigned from the company asked them to release me in 2 weeks and asked them to deduct the shortfall of notice period amount from my salary as per my employment contract.But HR...

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Recruitment Solutions , Manpower Solutions ,Payroll Services Contractual manpower in NCR

Desire Workmen Solutions LLP is amalgamation of complete HR Solution with specializes in the Recruitment Solutions Payroll Services, Contractual Manpower across all verticals. Desire Workmen Solu...

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How Important are Exit Interviews?

Dear all, Are Exit Interviews really useful. If yes, how?. How it can benefit the organizations. Mainly iv seen there is a lot of venting during the Exit Interviews, which only leads to sour relations....

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Employee Verification Letter from TCS (ex Employee)

Dear Experts.I would like to get an Employee Verification Letter from my ex-Employer Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in a particular format.If you could share the DL/ Email Id / Contact Number wh...

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Common Interview question and Answers for freshers

Q.1 Tell me about Yourself ?Ans . a. Start with your name .b. Give your place information .c. Education in short .d. Job experience ( if any )e. Family details in shortQ.2 Why are you looking a j...

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What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource management is effective method to get maximum output( productivity) from employees. HRM department ensures good and healthy environment for employees. A Human Resource Manager alwa...

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how we deal with grievances in verse condition

when we deal with a person about his grievances then how we should satisfy with examples and how we can put on positve imapct on him,...

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Job Resume

I would like to apply for current openings but I am unable to find any space to update my resume.Please assist....

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Policies for Pharma Industry

Need Pharma Company Policies, Please help and share ...

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Recruitment And Selection Process, Mapower And Budget Tracking System, Ats, Hiring Parameters For Selection

Hi ,   I am looking out for recruitment process, templates and forms for 1. manpower requisition tracking - include new and replacement vacancises with the current budget and manpower approval. 2. Process for JD specification with evaluation parameter for generic selection p...

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HR As A Career.

How difficult it is for a student in todays scenario to make career related decision. specially when it is about starting from the scratch. A MBA student when chooses Human Resource as a specialization he/she has very few options in front of him. We will here discuss in this forum about the issu...

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Did Any One Received Letter / G.O. From EPF Office Regarding Ceiling Revision ? If Yes, Kindly Share With Us Immediately.

Dear Friends,   Did any one received letter or G.O. from EPF office revising salary ceiling for PF 15,000 and effective date ?  If yes,  kindly share with us scanned copy / link etc., immediately. regards, babu kn ...

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My Payroll Company HR Has Not Replied To My Resignation Mail

I am working as contract in a Software Company under payroll of other company. On 31 July 2014, I sent a resignation mail to HR of my payroll company(Consulting Firm) and mentioned my last day of working as 30 Aug 2014, giving 30 days notice as per the company polices.  I still haven...

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