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Resignation not accepted from payroll company

Hi, you already sent a mail to your consulting firm, now the same you can forward to your current employer and acknowledge this also with your next employer for joining purpose. For many reasons, curr...

Unable to register for UAN without Aadhar Card

Surely, Rajneesh, there is another way for an employee to register for UAN without having an Aadhar Card. Only Regional Provident Fund Commissioner (RPFC) has such controls to open any UAN account wit...

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Maternity Leave - is here full salary or just basic pay for 6 months?

Payment of Maternity Benefits Act lays down that any women employed, whether directly or through any agency, for wages in any establishment is eligible to claim maternity benefits if she is expecting ...

Need list of Statutory Forms to be maintained under Factories Rules

Al labour laws and compliances forms and formats are available free at HRD Document Center, Please check and use these Statutory Forms

How to Track PF Withdrawal Status?

There is no such option available as on date. However, PF authorities have provided a list of unclaimed PF amount with them on their website (www.epfindia.com) Withdrawal forms can only be submitted a...

Need Indian Legals Document Updates

Hi Sanjay, You can find the best Legals and HR Documents Free and Premium here only at HRDGuru's Document Center. Explore the document's center HERE

Policies for Pharma Industry?

Hi, there are so many HR Policies. Like. 1. Recruitment Policy. 2. Hiring Policy. 3. Induction Policy. 4. On Boarding Policy. 5 Employment Policy. 6. Performance. 7.Leaves. 8. IT Policy. 9 Separation ...

My Payroll Company HR Has Not Replied To My Resignation Mail

Hi, First of all, you should give the written and personally resignation to your employer, after that you can ask for the acceptance from the employer. Secondly for joining purpose in new company you ...

Bond- Agreement. Is It Legal In India?

One sided bond do not stand the scrutiny of law. However there are two sided bonds which can be used. Further details a post can be made.

Need help on latest Pf rules?

Rules for subscribers of Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) have been changed to make the scheme more user-friendly. At present, the EPF Scheme 1952 allows final withdrawal after 2 months fr...

What is employment Bond agreement? Need Sample

Hi Sanjay, Find this Employee Service Agreement Bond, hope this will cater to your requirement.

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