What is the cost of naukri premium 5000 resumes?

Wanted to know the pricing for naukri packages for recruiters. Please if you could help me out.thanks....

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Issue in Yahoo mail causing makes mail disappointment? Speak to a Yahoo representative

There can be a circumstance when you may need to challenge bafflement during mail synthesis because of some tech glitch. Considering, you can utilize the help of the assistance areas by utilizing...

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I am helping a newly established Organisation and they need an advice on how they can develop a workers compensation policy for their Organisation. Following are the key questions to consider:Wha...

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Naukri employer Login for sharing

Dear friends i have naukri complete premium IT/Non IT login available for sharing at an economical price. Please contact if required.Ph: 9985775267Email; mukeshloner@gmail.com...

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How do we get rid of workplace bullies?

I teach a behavioral approach on how to eliminate abusive behavior. Bullying is a behavior – it needs a behavioral solution.How we can get rid of workplace bullies when those bullies are workplac...

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What transforms a manager into a leader?

One of the main things I think helps – is having a philosophic conversation on what it means to be a good manager. Often – management training is about – processes and reporting expectations.What...

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Naukri / Monster / Timesjob / Shine available on Sharing basis

HiWe have our own Naukri / Monster / Timesjob / Shine job portal login. We do not need them 24/7 and would like share it with someone to reduce our costs.Details : Resume search, Downloads and em...

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Advice & Guidance Required

We are reputed organization and would like have answers for my below mentioned queryWhat actions to be taken on the employees who leave the company without serving the notice period.What is the p...

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Any Fun Ideas to Celebrate Christmas at the Office?

The arrival of December month means one thing: the arrival of Christmas and New Year. It is greatest times of year where we toughen our relationships between our personal and professional lives. ...

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When I can withdraw money from my PPF Bank account?

Hi, I have PPF account with ICICI bank, and this time have urgency of money. How I can withdraw my PPF money, some people say that I can withdraw only after completion of 15 years of PPF account....

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Unable to register for UAN without Aadhar Card

Respected HRDGuru members, if an employee do not have Aadhar Card or neither enrolled with Aadhar till date, in such case if he wants to register for new UAN generation, how he can register onlin...

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Resign with less notice period

Sir/MamI have submitted my resign but i have some confusion that in my offer letter notice period was 1 month but i gave notice only for 15 days because I join other company ASAP, So it is ok or ...

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Why Organizing oneself is Important?

SYSTEM- Saving You Space Time Energy and MoneyOrganizing and Cleaning your environment can help make a healthier and happier personSave time by not spending time looking for things.Save money by ...

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For Pf transfer issue , settled but wrong pf no mentioned

dear SirI have applied pf transfer offline , my previous pf no. is THVSH/41442/48567 AND new PF no. is MHBAN /127336/11230. VAshi office settle the account and mention wrong pf no. in which amoun...

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Has someone ever been fired because of you?

Want to share one incident, four month back, I went local grocery store one evening, after a long day at work, I went front to the delivery counter to purchase some fried chicken. The young man b...

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Retirement From PSU After Attending The Age 50 In Case Medically Unfit

I am working in a PSU in india as Manager (Mechanical) . I have a little knowledge about HR. I was going to resign from my job due to various physical and mental issues, when I came to know about...

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Required Project Manager (Passive Infra) Telecom Industry

Required PROJECT MANAGER (Passive Infra) should have experience in Tower Erection & Tower Installation for Mohali & Shimla location. Please share CV at sunder@aerialtelecom.in...

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5 Interview blunders - Don't ask the candidates

1. Don't ask candidates " What is yours greatest weakness ? " None of your business , really instead tell them what is yours or raiser what is your company biggest Challenge ?2. Don't ask " why a...

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Do you know the main difference between reacting and responding ?

When you react , you feel and act without thinking . However when you respond , you will think , suspend your impulsive judgement and choose appropriate emotion to go alongside with your action ....

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Difference between staffing and outsourcing ?

What is the difference between staffing and outsourcing ?...

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