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Employee Engagement – Fun Activities Tips

Hello Friends, I need help on employee engagement activities. Want to conduct some excited activities so that employee can be feel more connected and motivated. Please share the tips and fun activities list, so that I can arrange the same in our organization. ...

Posted by - Anchal Sharma Anchal Sharma

Maternity leave extension after availing 182 days leaves

One our lady employee has availed 26 weeks of maternity leave. Now she has submitted the application for leave extension of one month along with medical certificate by hospital stating a reason as ''suffering from a backache''.Is this leave payment is payable? ...

Posted by - Anchal Sharma Anchal Sharma

Company Termination Policy- Need Help

May I know if employee is not performing well in a company , then how company can terminate him & when his salary should be credited, any notice period is required or not. ...

Posted by - Anchal Sharma Anchal Sharma

All About Contract Employment - Doc Sample

Dear seniors seek your help to understand the features of "Contract Employment" I am in the HR dept. of an electrical trade company into the business of marketing of Fans & water lifting pumps. As during salary negotiation time every candidate is interested in more cash in hand, I wish to propos ...

Posted by - Vikas Sharma Vikas Sharma

Termination Letter Issued For Non Performance

Need your suggestion to resolve this issue, there is a Sales employee who is based at Delhi, his performance was not up to the mark, so considering his performance the management decided to terminate him, we have send him a termination letter through registered AD, and got his acceptance, Now he has ...

Posted by - Sanjay Kumar Sanjay Kumar

What is employment Bond agreement - Need Sample

What is employment bond, Is this legal in India?Our Operation head is asking for the employment bond of all employee, because there is huge attrition on the shop floor, now they want legal employment bond so that attrition can be reduced.Please provide me Bond sample and suggest, if it is legal in I ...

Posted by - Sanjay Kumar Sanjay Kumar

How Can We Control Telecom Attrition

Few days back I have assigned the task of Attrition Control. In our organisation, there is huge attrition and I have given the target to reduce it by 15% by next three months. I need the suggestions and points on this, how can I control and what are the main tools for it. currently we have 24% attri ...

Posted by - Sanjay Kumar Sanjay Kumar

Need format of relieving letter - Samples document

Hi friends, I am working in BPO Telecom sector, I need to release the relieving letters to an employee, but don’t have well and exact format Please also guide me what main points cover in relieving letter. ...

Posted by - Sanjay Kumar Sanjay Kumar

Never, ever tell these 7 things in an INTERVIEW

Never, ever tell these 7 things in an INTERVIEW 1. That this job will pay you a lot more than you ever were paid before 2. That you did not like your previous boss or anyone else at previous jobs 3. That you do not have questions about the job 4. That you have personal or medical problems, e.g. divo ...

Posted by - Sunder Singh Sunder Singh

Skills Required for New Human Resource - Execuitve

Anyone who wants to start their career in Human Resource, they need to lean these basic skills. I am here mentioning the list for required skills, If one should have these skills of Hr, they can start and grow in this domain ...

Posted by - Raj Mandial Raj Mandial

HRDGuru – Help Guide for New HR Members/ Professionals

Why you should Join HRDGuru platform, this is one platform for all HR related Discussions and online help portal. Please find here the benefits of Joining this HRDGuru Platform today.· It is a group of HR’s from different different industry where they ask questions, share information and learn.· It ...

Posted by - Admin Hrdguru Admin Hrdguru

Want a job in HR sector

Hi .... I have done my MBA in HR and Finance ... I worked with many companies but now I want to continue my career in HR field ... I also gave so many interviews but they want experience persons ... Do u hire freshers ? ...

Posted by - Diksha.Dhiman1 Diksha.Dhiman1