Some wise words - these points are always remember in a life

1. " Take into account that great love and great achivements involve great risk . "2. " When you lose , don't lose the lesson ."3. Follow the 3 R's " Respect for self , Respect for others , Respo...

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Concepts & Perspectives ( Scope , Importance & Functions ) of HRM

HRM seeks to bring together and develop an effective organisation enabling the employees to do their best both as an individual and as a member of a working group .Scope of HRM - It vast , It emb...

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Employee relationship management

For Every organized whether small or big, manpower is a crucial resource to achieve long term objective.Employee relationship can be managed by providing them a suitable work environment as well ...

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Creating Employee Delight

Delighted employees are the ones where needs can be anticipated; support is being provided even before they ask for it and where they are being observed to see if new and/or additional expectatio...

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HR Professionals should get connected with employees?

HR Professionals should get connected with employees?...

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Hiring HR Interns in PAN India

Hello, We are hiring for fresh HR Interns in all over India for various companies. They will be minimum six months internship and after that can be hired for various companies depending thier per...

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Maternity Leave - is here full salary or just basic pay for 6 months?

Hi friends, whether company should provide full payment salary for six months of maternity leave or just basic salary?Please provide the information regarding the maternity benefits and payouts....

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Employer Interviewing Best Practices

Conducting Job Interviews are a very critical aspect of hiring and the entire recruitment process. It’s very challenging for the employers to follow the best interview techniques while being on the process. Mistakes during interviews might have a serious impact on your organisation. Hiring is very i...

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Urgent Opening for Job Seekers.

Hi, Greeting for the day!!!We have an urgent opening for below mentioned profiles:-1) Content Writer-32) Sales Manager-1 3) IT Executives-10 4) HR-Executives-2 5) Team Leader -2We are looking for candidates having minimum 0 to 1 years of experience in relevant field. ImmediateJoining.Salary is not a...

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How to prepare yourself for salary negotiation

You can never undervalue the significance of having a plan. Negotiating salary during the interview process can be extremely overwhelming. You do not want to sound greedy or too high on yourself but on the flip side of that coin, you do not want to be too timid to inquire for what you are worth. A l...

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Life is more precious than a job

I must have heard these missionary statement for over a million times in my life, but despite this, I took my health if not for granted, but surely on an ignorance mode. I have just made a strong recovery having fallen sick almost three weeks back. It was on the 19th of Feb 2018, at about 9:30am whe...

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If your boss is having an affair with your colleague

If your boss is having an affair with your colleague, what would you do? When my boss got into a similar act last time around I quit :) I guess office romance is neither new nor avoidable. When we spend long hours at work, attractions and relationships are a logical consequence we have seen.It only ...

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Why should we Join HRDGuru Network?

There are so many HR sites where we can get anything what we want. We can find out all HR stuff what we need, then why should we join this platform. In short, I want to understand, what are the main feature of this platform, how can this help for all?...

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Share HR blog and discussions - Take Knowledge to the Next Level!

There is great collection of blogs and articles in across world. Reading the appropriate gives you satisfaction and adds your knowledge. Any time you read an article/ blog, you gain something new and understand the things more widely. It gives you new ideas to explore yourself more and this allows y...

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What is ISMS HR audit?

Recently I Joined in new organization, just one month gone and I came to know that there is HR ISMS audit in next month.So we need to prepare our self for this audit and management has said they don’t want any NC in HR. Can you please guide me for this proper, how I can prepare the whole things for ...

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Any annual target for manager – Please suggest

Hi, one of my friend working in Dubai trading company, a small set up with the employee strength of 6 and his reporting is to Dubai Director. As per their company policy, every employee is given 4 special targets apart from regular work and on that basis only; his performance is reviewed at the time...

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Employee Engagement – Fun Activities Tips

Hello Friends, I need help on employee engagement activities. Want to conduct some excited activities so that employee can be feel more connected and motivated. Please share the tips and fun activities list, so that I can arrange the same in our organization....

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Maternity leave extension after availing 182 days leaves

One our lady employee has availed 26 weeks of maternity leave. Now she has submitted the application for leave extension of one month along with medical certificate by hospital stating a reason as ''suffering from a backache''.Is this leave payment is payable?...

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Company Termination Policy- Need Help

May I know if employee is not performing well in a company , then how company can terminate him & when his salary should be credited, any notice period is required or not....

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All About Contract Employment - Doc Sample

Dear seniors seek your help to understand the features of "Contract Employment" I am in the HR dept. of an electrical trade company into the business of marketing of Fans & water lifting pumps. As during salary negotiation time every candidate is interested in more cash in hand, I wish to propos...

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