Training Needs Analysis Form – Format Sample

Mainly training need analysis (TNA) is the process of discovering the gap between office employeetrainingandneedsoftraining. This is first stage in thetraining process and involves a process to d...

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Why freshers are not serious for their Job?

Hello friends, I have seen and observed from last two years that new hired fresher’s are not serious about their Job profile in HR department. A very rare who are concern about their future and have zeal toward job.Why this is happening with young generation this time, why they don’t think about the...

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You might get fired tomorrow

It does not matter the reason is frightening, disorienting, and troublesome to usual patterns. Getting fired is not at all fun. Layoffs are similarly frightening. In either situation, your feelings of self-esteem and confidence are dealt a blow. Just when you require an optimistic view to help you d...

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Induction Training Format

Dear Seniors, I need to create new format for induction training for the new joiners with all the departments Please reply to my mail ID Regards Nataraj ...

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Motivational Activities to Boost Employee Morale - DOC Download

Dear HR Professional, as we all are well aware with the daily continues working, all the employees feel that life has stopped and stuck-up. Please share some motivational activities or any other suggestion to boost their morale and make them feel fresh and performing their responsibilities with more...

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Ethnic Day Mail to All Employees

Hope u all going good!!! In our first time we are conducting ethnic day for Holi celebrations. so i want an attractive format / invitation/letter/mail on ethnic day celebrations to send all employees. Please help me on this....

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