Monster Portal on Sharing basis !!!

Hello,We have Monster Portal on sharing basis.24/7 Exclusive ID PAN India database.IT and Non IT database available.Kindly revert at or call on 9545504547...

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Want Naukari Employer account

Dear All,I want Naukari Employer account for 2 to 3 days, I any one have, they can contact me I am ready to pay price for that,Also I do have Monster account of Pan India basis if anyone wants le...

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Urgent Hirings for Mumbai location

Hi All,Sharing few Urgent openings.Please spread the word among your network and if suitable for the role, mail CVs to tacoppergate@gmail.comSales Wealth Counselor(4 nos) , 2-4 years of experienc...

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Naukri login on sharing basis

Hi All,We are looking for Naukri login (1 login)on sharing basis for few hours in the day . Require it only for resume access, no job postings.The duration of hours and time frame can be discusse...

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Naukri And monster Portal logins available

We have Naukri / Monster portal login, We would like share it with someone to reduce our costs. Database : IT + non IT, Pan India database. Details : Resume search, download and emailing. We are ...

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please us know if u need the same we have naukri premium login across all the domains available for sharing. email

Dear Recruiters and Hrs please us know if u need naukri premium employer login across all the domains available for We can share the login for sourcing profil...

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What are Account Officer’s Job Description and Skills

Accounts officers are those who have a knack for numbers, and knowledge in bookkeeping in a business organization. They organize the financial information to facilitate easy retrieving of informa...

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Naukri login available on Sharing basis

HiWe are a startup who have our own Naukri portal login ,as we do not need them 24/7 would like share it with someone to reduce our costsDetails :Only Resume search and Download ,No Job Postings ...

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IT Job without Graduation

Hi,I have 10 years IT experience in a top MNC company but i dont have valid degree.Please let me know Which companys will be preferable if want to switch my jobPlease letme know if i am eligible ...

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career prospects after dismissal

Dear sir,I am an MBA Finance graduate working in an public sector bank since three years.Recently I am facing turmoil in my job. I have been working in a PSB and staying in a PG kind of accommoda...

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Video Resume Profile Tips – How, Why Important?

Do you know, what is a video resume profile? How can it help your job search? A video resume profile is very short video made by a candidate for an employment and uploaded to the Internet or emai...

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How to Reply "Why Should We Hire You?"

Great question by HR or Interviewer “Why Should We Hire You” turns out to be complicated no matter how simple it may sound. Surely this will give you a feeling that time as if you are compared to...

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Best Answer “What is the Difference between Smart Work and Hard Work?”

Find here best Answers on most asked question in interviews" What is the Difference between Smart Work and Hard Work?...

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How to Reply "Where Do You See Yourself After Five Years From Now"

This tricky question is mostly asked by HR Interviewers – “Where do you see yourself after five years from now?” Surely HR wants to test the commitment of person for the Job role. What will be th...

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Giving an interview is ART, if you know

Giving interview is an art if you have confidence and skills. Sometime if don’t have relevance skills but you know how to give your best and positive reply to interviewers, you can get the offer ...

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What are the greatest challenges in Talent Acquisition?

Hi, I want to know the greatest challenges of Talent Acquisitions in forthcoming months or years.What are the biggest challenges for Talent Acquisition departments at mid-size to large companies?...

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Required Interview Evaluation Form Format

Please help me to provide HR Interviews Evaluation form format in document file. We have one evaluation format but not upto the mark. Please share the file in my mail id or enclosed the attachmen...

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Best ways to hire talent through free Social sites

What are the best ways to hire through social sites? I have no Naukri and Monster hiring portal and there is always requirements related to IT skills in my company.. I have target to close these ...

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Fake HR jobs on LinkedIn Network

Hello friends, I have seen so many Jobs opening in LinkedIn on daily basis. Everyone is posting the requirements. When I have contacted for job with concerned person through on their contact numb...

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10 Mistakes Managers Make During Job Interviews

Hiring is one of the hardest parts of managing a team. A lot is riding on the initial meeting, and if you're nervous or ill-prepared—or both—it can make you do strange things. Here is the some us...

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