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Why don't HRs get to make the decision related to compensation?

Since HR is not the sole decision taking authority the involvement of the function/department to which the employee belongs is required. The Head of that function/department is in a better position to...

How I calculate bonus?

We need to check first If the gross earning of an employee is below Rs. 21,000, then the employer is liable to pay a bonus. Here is the formula and calculation of bonus as mentioned below : If Salary ...

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How to Calculate Gratuity?

Hi, Sagrika, Listed below are the components that go into the calculation of gratuity amount. The amount is also dependent upon the number of years served in the company and the last drawn salary. Gra...

When I can withdraw money from my PPF Bank account?

Hello, you can withdraw partial amount every year before completion of its maturity and after completion of 5th year of PPF account. That means, if you have maintained your account and completed 5 yea...

How To Prepare Salary Slip For 12 Days

Hi Jyoti, You can prepare the salary of 12 days. if your know about how to calculate the salary of whole month after you can make it on pro days.

Need Salary Slip and CTC Format?

Hi Kajal, find here the required documents. These alls are available at HRD Documents Center. Salary Structure CTC-Excel Format Payroll Spread Sheet Full & Final Settlement Sheet Further, you requ...

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