Salary Negotiation Tips - Important

Salary negotiation (asking for a pay rise, salary increase, or simply more money) affects everybody from time to time. Pay negotiation can be complicated, and many people handle it very poorly, c...

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What are the Fringe Benefits in the Company?

Organizations provide a range of fringe benefits. The fringe benefits are classifying under four heads as given here under: 1. Employment Security2.Health Protection3.Old Age and RetirementThe vi...

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Punjab Minimum Wages Notification w.e.f 1st March 2018

Hello friends, please find the Punjab Minimum Wages Notification with effect from 1st March 2018....

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All sections and details are covered in this attachment and surely this will help you a lot to understand all the points. This is the Indian Factory Act, all safety and security points covered for small and big industries. ...

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Full and Final Checklist- Form

Full and final is last process employee’s separation from the organization. This need to be check very carefully, because after this process the concern employee will not be the part of your organization more. He needs to clear all the NOC from various departments (IT, HR, Accounts, Admin, and Opera...

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Salary Break up Sheet - XLS Download

I got an email from Mr Ashish Sharma HRDGuru member, he required the excel format of salary breakup. I am not sure about what he or you have in your mind about the salary breakup, but a simple structure is attached. Hope this will help you in finalizing your company's salary structure....

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Any annual target for manager – Please suggest

Hi, one of my friend working in Dubai trading company, a small set up with the employee strength of 6 and his reporting is to Dubai Director. As per their company policy, every employee is given 4 special targets apart from regular work and on that basis only; his performance is reviewed at the time...

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