Need Office Holi Celebration Invitation Mail?

Hi, Holi festival is coming and I want to send an email to all our employees requesting them to celebrate this colorful festival in the office premises, want to request them for waterless Holi ce...

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How to build a thriving work culture

The key to creating a thriving workplace culture - is to be specific about what the values of this thriving culture are. What are the values you want people to exemplify in their work and with ea...

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HR should need to know employee retention strategies

An employee is important asset of any company. Its HRs responsibility to make any employee happy, satisfied in the organization besides making them productive and responsible for their assigned jobs. Reward and recognition is very important for all levels to motivate the performances and individuals...

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100 Ways to Energise Groups - Best Games

It’s also prime responsibility of Human Resource department to keep employees more productive, creative and enjoyable at workplace. So here is the huge list of games that can be helpful to make employees more creative and laterally. Games help people to get know each other and to relax are called Ic...

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Reward and Recognition Policy

Reward means a token of appreciation for the good contribution/performance of an employee in the organization. The employees would be given reward and recognition for their contribution through these categories as Good Work Done, Performers of the Quarter, Team Awards for excellence, Annual Awards. ...

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Employee Engagement – Fun Activities Tips

Hello Friends, I need help on employee engagement activities. Want to conduct some excited activities so that employee can be feel more connected and motivated. Please share the tips and fun activities list, so that I can arrange the same in our organization....

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