Behavioral Issues in Startups

New companies dispatch worldwide consistently because of an expansion of new markets, open advances, and funding. With the term new companies, we allude to those impermanent associations concentrated on the production of cutting-edge...

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HR should need to know employee retention strategies

An employee is important asset of any company. Its HRs responsibility to make any employee happy, satisfied in the organization besides making them productive and responsible for their assigned jobs. Reward and recognition is very important for all levels to motivate the performances and individuals...

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100 Ways to Energise Groups - Best Games

It’s also prime responsibility of Human Resource department to keep employees more productive, creative and enjoyable at workplace. So here is the huge list of games that can be helpful to make employees more creative and laterally. Games help people to get know each other and to relax are called Ic...

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Why it is essential for companies to have periodic employee performance appraisal?

Employee appraisal is a key part to gauge an individual’s performance in each and every business. It helps employees to place accurate goals and ease enhanced functioning relationship. Till now, a small number of companies are ditching the yearly appraisal system and seeking different means to track...

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How to retain your most excellent employees in organization

Hiring the right staff and keeping the right staff matters, particularly as you struggle for the most excellent talent in the future.A peer group for Human Resource Management press release exposed the answer to the question of what people plan to act every time job markets bounce back. The majority...

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Reward and Recognition Policy

Reward means a token of appreciation for the good contribution/performance of an employee in the organization. The employees would be given reward and recognition for their contribution through these categories as Good Work Done, Performers of the Quarter, Team Awards for excellence, Annual Awards. ...

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