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Protocols for legal and ethical termination of an employee

Employees are often terminated by the employers without even following the formal rules and regulations. Instantly terminating employee from the organization is obviously easy but such terminatio...

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Top 10 Must Have HR Policies and Forms for Organizational Setup

Grand success of any organization is dependent upon the crystal clear and effective HR policies. Prior to the setup procedure of any of the businesses, dedicated expertise must be focused to crea...

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10 Success Mantra To Become Successful Entrepreneur

Individuals running their own business successfully make them more confident and empowered with developed sense of freedom. Feel of being an entrepreneur flourishes with respect to time making th...

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Top 10 Real Work From Home Jobs For Freelancers

Feel of being an entrepreneur fulfills us with lots of confidence and equips us with a freedom to work without pressure and earn infinitely. Freelancing is one of the most growing and independent...

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Why Multitasking is a Myth?

Multitasking is a myth engaged in downsizing the human brain with massive wastage of time. In general, the human beings believe in optimizing efficiency and productivity at every single moment be...

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Top Skills Every HR Manager Need To Succeed

Human Resource (HR) management is one of the fast paced departments focused towards the strategic and on time development of the organization. HR managers must therefore be skilled and trained en...

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How to save more from a smaller salary?

Saving money for fulfilling the future requirements is the inborn desire of all the employees working under the organizations. Planning and proceeding with such financial desire is just like a ch...

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Which HR Documents Need to Maintain in India?

Hello, Can anyone suggest me a complete list of all HR documents which we need to maintain in India, pertaining employees’ personal files and company’s policies and procedures (SOPs).I got some r...

  • Created Date24 Apr, 2019