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Dress to impress: Your guide to dress-up for an interview

Interviews are much more than drafting a stupendous resume and excellent communication skills. In the first 7 seconds of your interview, the HR executives are already done making their first impr...

  • Created Date16 Jan, 2019
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How to answer those tricky questions in interviews?

Introvert or not, there’s one part of the interview process that you can’t help but dread. Yes, we are talking about the laborious questions of interviewers that are bound to make you uncomfortab...

  • Created Date22 Jan, 2019
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How to surmount the fear of your first interview?

When kids fabricate adult life, they group together pertinent fields of interest and envision a striking profession for themselves. However, entering adult life literally is a distinct matter alt...

  • Created Date12 Jan, 2019
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How to create an impressive one-page resume?

Time carries an indisputable essence and even more so for the HR executives. After all, who has the time or patience to go through a million candidate profiles if each resume is a five-page-long ...

  • Created Date06 Feb, 2019
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How to prepare for an interview beforehand?

If there’s one thing that’s abundantly clear about looking for a job, it is the process of going through a laborious interview process. In some organisations, an applicant could be asked to clear...

  • Created Date18 Feb, 2019
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