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Burn Yourself to Fly High

"I want to leave the job; I have been screwed up here." One of my known person (who was just started his career) told me. “I answered “Its good place for you so stay there" . He couldn't control ...

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Reboot Yourself ; Your Life System

"Michael, could you please fix the issue - I am not able to give printout from my computer" I asked him. Like a Networking guy he told me to restart My PC. Michael being a Networking guy tried to...

  • Created Date14 Feb, 2019
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Best Way's to Boost your Career's Success

When I decided to write on this topic some questions cropped up in my mind “Why I am writing this?” “Is it relevant to practical scenario? “ Then “Booster” came into my mind. “Booster” was a devi...

  • Created Date18 Dez, 2018
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How Personal Branding will lead you ahead as a professional?

“What is this Personal Brand? Do I need it for my career progression?” I often come across this question. Well, if we explore our life’s Wikipedia deeply, we will be able to discover the meaning ...

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