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I cannot serve notice period ,Company not allowing payout option.

Hi Everyone.I have resigned from the company asked them to release me in 2 weeks and asked them to deduct the shortfall of notice period amount from my salary as per my employment contract.But HR...

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Personal Growth - Strategies Of Your Success By Susan Gray

We all want to be successful and enjoy our lives, but not everyone in life is successful. Most people want to be winners, but unfortunately many remain where they stand. A lot of people ask what the secret to success and personal growth is. Is there any formula for success in life? What is the k...

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Why We Sometime Need To be sad

Every person wants to be happy. But life is about embracing the tough times, too, says Hugh Mackay We seem to have become afraid of sadness. There’s been so much emphasis on happiness, positive thinking and invincible self-esteem; we are in danger of forgetting that an important p...

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Breakthrough via “Career-break”

Looking for the job since...:“Layoff” is the typical news often we are witnessing, contemporary career is not so smooth. It’s like a“roller coaster”ride. Altogether many lose their jobs due to ot...

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Mindfulness in 21st Century

Hey! Are you focused to revitalize your mind and concentrate on a single thing? One of the iconic troubleshooting strategies comes forward in terms of ‘Mindfulness’.Introduction: This practice is...

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How to Be More Social

Money, health and productivity aren’t satisfying if you don’t have any friends.  It can be even worse to be stuck inside a social group that doesn’t respect you, forces you to conform or discourages you from making improvements in your life.  Social skills are vital,...

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How to dress for an interview

“First impression is the last impression” The first impression you create on a potential manager is extremely important. When you meet a manager for the initial moment they right away form an opinion of you based on what you are wearing and how you carry yourself. Despite of the work atmosphere, it ...

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Dress to impress: Your guide to dress-up for an interview

Interviews are much more than drafting a stupendous resume and excellent communication skills. In the first 7 seconds of your interview, the HR executives are already done making their first impr...

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25 Best Employee Engagement Ideas

Employee engagement is not a precise science. Until now, the total idea has been built on HR knowledge, optimistic psychology and business models that connect an organization’s ability towards a creative culture of achievements.At the core of employee engagement similar to any organization’s base ar...

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