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Who should you train when you have a problem person?

Hint - it's not the problem person.I provide behavioral based harassment training. Most of my customers find me because they are looking for a real solution to their problems.Often - they will te...

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Motivating Employees in a Lawfirm or Any Organization

How much an employee loves his job determines his motivation. An employee should be doing the job with hard work and dedication. It usually depends on the interest and nature of the employee....

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The link between on-boarding and engagement

I teach humanistic management and have a background in both the for profit and non-profit sectors. I am also on the USA chapter board for the International Humanistic Management Association.I rec...

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How do you deal with a workplace bully without ruining your career or appearing weak?

It is possible to stop a workplace bully without ruining your career or appearing weak. It isn't easy, but it can be done. But only if you have help. Here is how you do it and yes, this technique...

  • Created Date17 May, 2019