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Did Any One Received Letter / G.O. From EPF Office Regarding Ceiling Revision ? If Yes, Kindly Share With Us Immediately.

Dear Friends,   Did any one received letter or G.O. from EPF office revising salary ceiling for PF 15,000 and effective date ?  If yes,  kindly share with us scanned copy / link etc., immediately. regards, babu kn ...

  • Created Date03 Mar, 2018
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The Advantage of Online Test Proctoring

To start the article with a description of how technology has impacted our life will be a perfect example of a cliché. Letters were replaced by emails and they are getting thrown over by instant ...

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How Leadership Style Impacts Employee Engagement in a Company

Employee Engagement & Leadership style go hand in hand. Everyone knows that an inefficient leader produces a dissatisfied, unproductive employee. On the other hand, good leaders produce committed, engaged and productive employees....

  • Created Date14 May, 2014
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How HR adds value to the Business?

Human Resources management is considered to be the cost centre rather than the revenue centre. Of course, the HR professionals don’t directly impact on the business of an organization, however, there are a number of ways in which human resources policies help the company to get better employee perfo...

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