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Need Help For My HR Professional Career

Hello Friends, I'm Neha Sharma and just completed MBA -HR, I want to start my Career in HR, but don’t have any Practical Knowledge of HR, I given 2 or 3 Interviews in companies but they are considering fresher. They need who have hr practical knowledge. Please provide me the data what...

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Need Help Regarding Full & Final Settlement

Hello Sir, I've been working with a private Limited Company from January 2009 to January 2014. After acceptance of my resignation, they have given me a letter stating that we will issue Full & Final sheet to you; on acceptance of the same we will pay your dues within a month. Actually,...

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Do I Have Enough Time? No I Don't

I have seen so many people who always say ‘I am so busy, I don’t have time for this’. They are always busy by doing something or nothing. Actually, they don’t know how to manage the things in the planned way, which is called time management. If someone knows about time management then they surely will have always time to do the new things and have time for their social and personnel life....

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Do You Need Manpower Requisition Form

Its prime responsibility of human resource department to manage and hire skilled manpower in the organization. HR Department should aware of exact skills which they needed to hire according their company requisitions. There should be proper channel to hire the manpower in any organization ac...

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Employee Retention Plan In The Organization

Maintaining your company workers Instant particularly your own best performing artists is important for the enterprise achievement. Intelligent firms build Employees development Intend to increase their existing...

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Reward Employee Efforts With Long Service Awards

What are the two things that employees expect from their employers after slogging hours for the organization? Ever since employee engagement, the hardworking employees expect a good salary package and a morale boost by the bosses regularly....

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Best Answer “What is the Difference between Smart Work and Hard Work?”

Find here best Answers on most asked question in interviews" What is the Difference between Smart Work and Hard Work?...

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Allow Employees To Hand Out Discretionary Rewards

Rewards and recognition are the two things after which each employee runs! It may be a manager or an ordinary worker but efforts are all put in for recognition of the task and then getting a reward for the action. This is the foundation of employee engagement and human resource development. ...

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Why Human Resource Audit Is Compulsory

Conducting an HR audit can also help an organization comply with the law as part of an effective overall risk management strategy. Such due diligence helps uncover any potential problems before a government inspector comes calling, or the organization is faced with a human rights claim or wrongf...

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How to Reply "Why Should We Hire You?"

Great question by HR or Interviewer “Why Should We Hire You” turns out to be complicated no matter how simple it may sound. Surely this will give you a feeling that time as if you are compared to...

  • Created Date11 Jan, 2019