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Why organizations prefer their next CEO from HR background?

As times are moving, HR is moving ahead in terms of having value and importance in an organization. As earlier, HR was looked as only a back office department and a cost centre for a company who do only administrative tasks; today it is seen sitting for the board meetings along with the directors. M...

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Common Interview question and Answers for freshers

Q.1 Tell me about Yourself ?Ans . a. Start with your name .b. Give your place information .c. Education in short .d. Job experience ( if any )e. Family details in shortQ.2 Why are you looking a j...

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HR Policies and Procedures employee handbook - HR Manual

HR manual, an employee handbook or in other words also known as an employee manual, staff handbook, or company’s SOPs / policy manual, is the manual given to employees by HR person from employer side. Usually, the employee handbook contains various key sections and includes information about company...

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What CEOs want to hear from CFOs?

The C-suite is expanding. 20 years back there were no Chief learning officers. Thepositionwas birthedalmost overnight by Jack Welch. Big companies followed the lead and today almost every big org...

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Need Appointment Letter Clause- Termination Without Reason

Dear Seniors, I want to know your expert opinion on below: a) is appointment letter clauses are enforceable in court of law? b) Termination on mere ground of employer discretion can be justified and if not what can i employee can do. c) when a employee not join after accepting offe...

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Thugs of Ignition ( Fire – A Clear acquaintance)

Catchy & Catching term:The term“Fire”is very attractive and versatile according to the field. ForHR peopleit means to send out,Shoot outfor Armed forces,Attitudeor Burning desire for motivato...

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The Meaning & Significance of Human Capital Management

Human being the most precious asset of any organization carry a heavy burden of leading the business towards its overall goals. But, if they are not prepared to give their best, how will the orga...

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Presentation Tips For New Trainer

Presentation Tips from Aeon Training Delivering your presentation effectively involves using a proven four-step process: Plan, Prepare, Practice, and Present. Follow these guidelines from Aeon Training, and you and your message will have a high impact on your audience. Learn more about Aeon Trai...

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Why HR Do Manpower Planning

Manpower Planning which is also called as Human Resource Planning consists of putting right number of people, right kind of people at the right place, right time, doing the right things for which they are suited for the achievement of goals of the organization...

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Needs Assessment Tips

Creating the appropriate training program for an organization or business is a big responsibility. Your client’s time and money are at stake and they are relying on you, the training provider, to determine what they need. A great way to do that is through surveys. But how do you create a g...

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