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Get the Talent Management Edge with Certifications

Talent Management is growing and it’s not just one of the KRAs of your HR Generalist profile. You are a Talent Management professional or you are an HR professional – the difference is clear as d...

  • Created Date26 Nov, 2018

What CEOs want to hear from CFOs?

The C-suite is expanding. 20 years back there were no Chief learning officers. Thepositionwas birthedalmost overnight by Jack Welch. Big companies followed the lead and today almost every big org...

  • Created Date03 Dec, 2018

A Look at Talent Management- and How It Can Change the Future of Your Organization

With the growth of international business, the relevance of borders and geographical distance has considerably lessened over the last two decades. Technology has begun to advance to new stages, working toward eliminating much of the problems we encounter in our daily business activities. ...

  • Created Date22 Nov, 2018
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How credential badges help in your career growth?

Credentials are becoming a necessity in any industry and with technology and digital era on the rise, it is not surprising that certification bodies are offering credentials that are digitized. Y...

  • Created Date06 Dec, 2018
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The Advantage of Online Test Proctoring

To start the article with a description of how technology has impacted our life will be a perfect example of a cliché. Letters were replaced by emails and they are getting thrown over by instant ...

  • Created Date03 Jan, 2019
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The Four Pillars of Talent Management- and Their Role in Organizational Changes

we move toward a more dynamic age in international business, the need for talent management and its fast-paced approach to change is something organizations must incorporate to be able to attend ...

  • Created Date21 Nov, 2018
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Benefits of HR Certification Online

If you are planning a career in human resources, then certifications are the best way to go. You must have heard this statement time and again. However, did you know that this is a fact. Certific...

  • Created Date11 Dec, 2018
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How Big Data Can Transform the Way HR Functions?

Organizations have been actively dealing with big data and in the recent years we have also seen HR department becoming an important part of an organization. This shift in the corporate world has...

  • Created Date12 Feb, 2019
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Executive Recruiting: Tips for Recruiting Executives

There’s no denying to the fact that times have changed when it comes to recruiting. What used to be a decade back isn’t the same today. When a professional with six to seven years of experience l...

  • Created Date20 Feb, 2019
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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Businesses

The very mention of AI evokes the concern over job displacement, shortage of skills and economic instability. Despite the pressing concerns about how AI will affect the world today, the technolog...

  • Created Date20 Feb, 2019
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