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With changing business and HR trends, all the HR professionals are required to keep them updated to cope up with the up-gradations. In such scenario, it become inevitable that we keep ourselves connected with some platform that can give us all the required information, latest trends and information,...

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Current HR Trends in 2018

When we are handling HR department, our learning process always continues. With the change in technology, processes, employee expectations, and trends, we learn new things every day and we make new changes every time. With the year 2017 gone, there were a lot of changes we witnessed where we changed...

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Tips to give constructive feedback as an HR Professional

Truly said, Feedback is the breakfast of the champions. It is really important for everyone in an organisation. Giving constructive feedback to your team members is really very important as they get to know where they are, how are they performing, what their goals are, and what really they can do to...

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How to handle late coming employees effectively?

Employees are the main people who run a business. Time is another important element when it comes to performance and productivity. When an employee is constantly late to work it leads to a lot of delay in work and frustration. Even it gives a bad example to people around. At the end of the day peopl...

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Why Exit Interviews are Important

Exit Interviews are taken for the employees leaving the organisation. Conducting Exit Interviews can be very beneficial for an organisation. Exit interviews if done with a proper process and not just for doing sake it can really give very good inputs to improve the organisation. The real purpose of ...

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How can HR handle employee complaints

Every employer wants that people should be happy at their workplace and should feel good about coming to an office daily. In spite of all your efforts employees might have few complaints which they might feel like sharing with an HR manager or the management. Dealing with employee’s grievance is the...

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How to conduct an effective interview

As a Human resource manager finding the right person for the right job is a big task. For this, a manager needs to follow a proper interview conducting techniques. The real process starts before the interview actually takes place. Below discussed are a few techniques which are really important for c...

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Managing diversity at workplace

Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between individuals in an organisation. Diversity is just not about how people understand themselves but also how other people in the organisation understand them. When we talk about diversity at workplace it may comprise of gender differences...

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Ideas to celebrate Women’s Day in Office

According to the Report of Global Gender Gap, World Economic Forum's 2017, gender equality is over 200 years away – today needs to be considered as the most important time to keep motivated and #PressforProgress. And with the global activism for women's equality fuelled by movements like #MeToo, #Ti...

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Tips to have successful Campus Hiring

Once you get the requirements to hire for your organization, you sit to mark the details of the job requirements. These details can include the educational background, age factor, total experience required, particular skills needed, behavioural aspects as well as the personality traits. When you nee...

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