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Why We Sometime Need To be sad

Every person wants to be happy. But life is about embracing the tough times, too, says Hugh Mackay We seem to have become afraid of sadness. There’s been so much emphasis on happiness, positive thinking and invincible self-esteem; we are in danger of forgetting that an important p...

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When Emotions Get in the Way By Francine Crystal

It is not unusual in a communications workshop for a participant to state a learning goal of "putting emotions aside so I can communicate more clearly." What he/she is usually expressing is a desire to sound rational and logical, to not show how difficult the conversation feels....

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Top Eight Talent Organization Takeaways From the Super Bowl

Poach top talent from your competitor if you expect to win – clearly the Denver Broncos would have never gotten to the Super Bowl without Peyton Manning, who they successfully poached away from the Indianapolis Colts, and star receiver Wes Welker, who was poached from New England. Marshawn Lynch, who has considerably contributed to Seattle’s success, was also recruited away from Buffalo...

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Procrastination - The Most Real Villain in Time Management

Procrastination has become one of the major challenges for professionals and individuals alike in managing time. The word procrastination comes from the Latin word, ‘Pro’ meaning “in favor of” and ‘Cras’ meaning “tomorrow”. It is defined therefore as “the act or the habit of delaying or putting things off’. No doubt it is a one way ticket to stress guilt and overwhelm....

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Can We Motivate Employees through Recognition?

I'd always wanted to speak to students at the college level so whenever an opening came along I jumped at it. And then I got little nervous. I have addressed several other audiences, but students are different. I questioned myself. "Would I be a good Speaker at College?" "Did I know enough to teach them?" "Would I be able to connect with the students?" "Could I encourage them to learn?" It was a little overwhelming but I was up for a challenge....

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Care Your People - "Achieve Amazing Results"

Another year has passed by. While looking back, I am glad that I could deliver lot of lectures and do training for several corporate, small businesses, nonprofit institutions, social organizations, service clubs, schools & colleges....

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Decision Making Tips - The Bridge between Failure & Success

Decision making is the groundwork of every management and business activity. It goes without saying better management decision-making and problem-solving can greatly improve an organization's profits and goals. But the studies show that Entrepreneurs and Managers do not achieve more than 50% correct results in their decision-making and problem-solving....

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Formula to calculate attrition rate

ATTRITION RATE = ((No. Of Attritions x 100) / (Actual Employees + New Joined)) /100. Example: Actual Employees (Opening BAL) - 150 No. Of people left (Attritions) - 20 No. Of Joined - 25   So according to the formula: ((20 x 100) / (150 + 25)) / 100 Whi...

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25 Questions to think about before your next job interview

This mostly just serves to make the person comfortable and gives me a chance to figure out how they talk. This is a question that every interviewee should be prepared to answer, so you should be able to deliver a steady answer here. Have something clear in mind for this one before you even go in the door. The “best” answer highlights aspects of you that make you stand out from Joe Average in a positive fashion. Make a list of four or five of the biggest ones, and then work that into a thirty second bit....

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Types Of Fringe Benefits

TYPES OF FRINGE BENEFITS Organizations provide a variety of fringe benefits. The fringe benefits are classified under four heads as given here under: 1.For Employment Security : Benefits under this head include unemployment, insurance, technological adjustment pay, leave travel pay, ov...

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