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Did Any One Received Letter / G.O. From EPF Office Regarding Ceiling Revision ? If Yes, Kindly Share With Us Immediately.

Dear Friends,   Did any one received letter or G.O. from EPF office revising salary ceiling for PF 15,000 and effective date ?  If yes,  kindly share with us scanned copy / link etc., immediately. regards, babu kn ...

  • Created Date03 Mar, 2018
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Artificial Intelligence can’t replace these Recruitment Skills

Artificial Intelligence is coming to the corporate at a faster speed and the companies are trying their best to incorporate the latest AI technology in one or the other way. HR professionals may think that it will replace them in the companies but that is clearly a myth. Artificial Intelligence is c...

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Being Busy Doesn’t Prove Your Productivity

We are doing different tasks during the course of the day, but at the end of the day, it seems that nothing has been achieved. Of course, we have many tasks, as we are playing a different role in our life. But Alas! we are always complaining that our busy schedule is keeping us away from our hobbies...

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Why Performance Appraisals don’t work?

Most of the corporate believe that they should go for the system of performance appraisals and reviews. Though, more often we fail to get the required time and we tend to question the real value of the whole process. Even the employees don’t like the process of Performance appraisal much; it has bec...

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HR is aware that Open Office Environment doesn’t work at all

According to a study, an employee takes only 37 seconds to know that the open office environment is not going to work for him/ her and it will just suck. For the obvious reasons, when you move across the office and look out for other people who are already working there in the open office environmen...

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Why organizations prefer their next CEO from HR background?

As times are moving, HR is moving ahead in terms of having value and importance in an organization. As earlier, HR was looked as only a back office department and a cost centre for a company who do only administrative tasks; today it is seen sitting for the board meetings along with the directors. M...

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Types Of Fringe Benefits

TYPES OF FRINGE BENEFITS Organizations provide a variety of fringe benefits. The fringe benefits are classified under four heads as given here under: 1.For Employment Security : Benefits under this head include unemployment, insurance, technological adjustment pay, leave travel pay, ov...

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What CEOs want to hear from CFOs?

The C-suite is expanding. 20 years back there were no Chief learning officers. Thepositionwas birthedalmost overnight by Jack Welch. Big companies followed the lead and today almost every big org...

  • Created Date03 Dec, 2018

Play your role in life with such dedication that people applaud you even after your death...!!

His body was wrapped in a tricolor. A martyr he was. A brave soldier with a soft heart. A father of two teenage daughters and a 7 year old son, with a caring wife. Three days ago the family was flying high when Colonel Munindra Nath Rai was awarded a Republic Day Gallantry Medal - Yudh Seva meda...

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Thugs of Ignition ( Fire – A Clear acquaintance)

Catchy & Catching term:The term“Fire”is very attractive and versatile according to the field. ForHR peopleit means to send out,Shoot outfor Armed forces,Attitudeor Burning desire for motivato...

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