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Industrial Accidents - An In-complex Understanding

No Overthinking Every one of us knows that Accidents are an unexpected thing but sadly there is a hidden truth that most of the Accidents are avoidable since it’s manmade. There is a saying in cr...

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An Eye opener towards the Opthal care

God’s precious gift:Photography is an art, for so many its passion, destiny but whatever you may click using high-end lens, it will not be in the quality of which we have seen it actually with ou...

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Breakthrough via “Career-break”

Looking for the job since...:“Layoff” is the typical news often we are witnessing, contemporary career is not so smooth. It’s like a“roller coaster”ride. Altogether many lose their jobs due to ot...

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Some hidden facts on-fire Thugs of Ignition – version 2.0

In a prequel of this article, we saw about the causes of fire and classes. Now we are going a step forward.Smoke – The Assassin:We know the statutory warning “Smoking is injurious to Health” whic...

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Motivate yourself as well as others

A Dream TripLife is an unpredictable voyage, sometimes drizzles, occasionally shower, radiance, some typhoons too often or occasionally.The short span of breathing looks like an endless trip.Most...

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PROUD TO BE A HR. Yes we can

All are equal:There are so many jobs which will give more pride according to the value or service to others.Safety officers are preventing injuries and accidents, Doctors are saving lives, nurses...

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Thugs of Ignition ( Fire – A Clear acquaintance)

Catchy & Catching term:The term“Fire”is very attractive and versatile according to the field. ForHR peopleit means to send out,Shoot outfor Armed forces,Attitudeor Burning desire for motivato...

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Want to be successful ? Sleepwell !

Is it harm?“Am I sleeping?” is the most common word used to express the anger as well the busy status. Really are we sleeping well? Sleeping only keeping humans well … But no one cares to sleep w...

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Startup – Few Insights & Ground reality

I wish to start…:Nowadays seven among ten are saying “I would start my own business soon”.A lot of people have great ideas but “No Money” in other hand surplus of money but no clear picture about...

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Employee’s State Insurance- Rules 1950

This is one Social Security by Central Government for an employee who has monthly salary of Rs 21000/- and below slabs. You can find here full copy of ESI –Rules/ Benefits and amendments....

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