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10 mistakes to avoid while mailing to clients

Have you ever fumbled with that recall button immediately after sending a mail? But recalling the mail does not erase your mistake often, trust me. Some recipients read the e-mails instantly and ...

  • Created Date19 Dec, 2018
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Boost your Career – 5 Strategies to Accelerate Career Growth in the New Year

Be the CEO of your career!Have you heard this ever and wondered, what it really means? Not everyone can be a CEO due to various tangible and intangible reasons. But the catchy phrase above simply...

  • Created Date26 Dec, 2018
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Execute your Goals - how to apply Scrum for Professional Success

Self-evaluation for last year – Done. Goal setting for the current year – checked.All right! Now comes the enormous task of goals execution.Many of us start every calendar year with a firm resolu...

  • Created Date03 Jan, 2019
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Second Job- How to Augment your Monthly Salary?

You are not happy with your take-home at the end of the month. You have racked up your finances with a seemingly never-ending home loan. Or you want to stack up your wallet with a few more bucks....

  • Created Date30 Jan, 2019
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The Right to Disconnect: Will India embrace the Work Culture Shift?

I was eating dinner with my family and my phone buzzed. The call was from my then manager. I ignored the call, hoping to let it pass if it was a call by mistake, often not true though. The call j...

  • Created Date17 Jan, 2019
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Corporate sector's long notice period is a let down

A recent article in the newspaper about notice period forced me to think if a notice period of 3 months is inevitable for the organizations. Almost all the mid-size and big organizations are talk...

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Work Culture: How to promote open communication in the workplace?

The single biggest problem in communication—George Bernard Shaw said—is the illusion that it has taken place.Soul of a successful business lies in clear communication. Workplaces with open commun...

  • Created Date13 Feb, 2019
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Women in Leadership: How to increase the appalling ratio?

Current time is always the right time to promote a hardworking and deserving woman into a leadership role. Although the time has seen and shown us the power of women’s leadership, it still needs ...

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Younger Boss - 6 Tips to care when your Junior is the Manager

Cribbed again to your spouse over the weekend that your younger manager sucks? Or ranted about the team lead who is younger to you and boss around?Most often, everyone is irked with the boss, wha...

  • Created Date22 Jan, 2019
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Working from Home - 7 effective Ideas to avoid distractions

If you work from home daily, frequently or occasionally, that often means you need to take care of some personal responsibilities, which compelled you to not go to the ever energetic team of your...

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