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Why Best Employees Leave Their Jobs?

Is voluntary turnover at your business high? Then it’s time to get a handle on why good or best people leave their jobs. You may be amazed at some of the reasons. ...

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Has someone ever been fired because of you?

Want to share one incident, four month back, I went local grocery store one evening, after a long day at work, I went front to the delivery counter to purchase some fried chicken. The young man b...

  • Created Date23 Mar, 2019

Top Mistakes Management Makes Managing People

People management is a skill that few leaders would be having! Good leaders hire talent and mould them into an invaluable asset. Visionary leaders too sometimes would have made management mistakes of course! But if something they did differently was that they had learned from those hurdles and coped up with them like a challenge....

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What is your salary expectation?

The salary expectation question is always asked at the end of the interview, no matter which type of the interview is this? To be very honest, mostly, salary depends on your interview. Every comp...

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My spouse got a job out of state: should I go with him?

It is basically your decision, but when you decide to be on both ends and consult all positives and negatives that will affect as a result of leaving a spouse along or take part in every action o...

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Employee Verification Letter from TCS (ex Employee)

Dear Experts.I would like to get an Employee Verification Letter from my ex-Employer Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in a particular format.If you could share the DL/ Email Id / Contact Number wh...

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