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Manpower Requisition Format

Need Manpower Requisition Form/ Format ...

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Why Marketers Be Supposed To Keep Sending Eou E-mails

E-mails remain to be one of the ways to reach the audiences apart from social media. Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for marketing today. It is quick and simple enough to get started....

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Welcome E-Mail For New Employees In The Organization?

Recently I joined in new organization in Noida. I didn’t find here any HR policy and SOPs. Each and every thing I have to maintain, I took the help earlier here in finding HR formats and procedures. I hired one operation manager, going to join in next week, so I need to draft his welcome mail and wa...

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Your SENT e-mails tell a lot about YOU!!

E-mails are one of the daily activities that we use daily in our professional life. It becomes the best way to keep the record of all the conversations we had with our clients, colleagues, clients, and with management. Even for the approvals, most of the times we don’t even need the printouts and si...

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10 mistakes to avoid while mailing to clients

Have you ever fumbled with that recall button immediately after sending a mail? But recalling the mail does not erase your mistake often, trust me. Some recipients read the e-mails instantly and ...

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Common Interview question and Answers for freshers

Q.1 Tell me about Yourself ?Ans . a. Start with your name .b. Give your place information .c. Education in short .d. Job experience ( if any )e. Family details in shortQ.2 Why are you looking a j...

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Why Organizing oneself is Important?

SYSTEM- Saving You Space Time Energy and MoneyOrganizing and Cleaning your environment can help make a healthier and happier personSave time by not spending time looking for things.Save money by ...

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I cannot serve notice period ,Company not allowing payout option.

Hi Everyone.I have resigned from the company asked them to release me in 2 weeks and asked them to deduct the shortfall of notice period amount from my salary as per my employment contract.But HR...

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Why Xennials are Important for an Organization?

Enough talking about the millennials of the corporate, Xennials are another important for an organization. First of all, we need to understand the meaning of Xennials that will make it easier to understand their importance. Xennials refer to that micro-generation that is born between the years of Ge...

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Top 10 Must Have HR Policies and Forms for Organizational Setup

Grand success of any organization is dependent upon the crystal clear and effective HR policies. Prior to the setup procedure of any of the businesses, dedicated expertise must be focused to crea...

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