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Job Resume

I would like to apply for current openings but I am unable to find any space to update my resume.Please assist....

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Never, ever tell these 7 things in an INTERVIEW

Never, ever tell these 7 things in an INTERVIEW 1. That this job will pay you a lot more than you ever were paid before 2. That you did not like your previous boss or anyone else at previous jobs 3. That you do not have questions about the job 4. That you have personal or medical problems, e.g. divo...

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Most common rewards and recognition mistakes

Rewards and recognition schemes of organizations are meant to celebrate the efforts and achievements of the staff and make the employees feel valued. Certainly, the vast majority of corporations use some sort of program intended to motivate employees by tying compensation to one index of performance...

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Is there any method of Happiness?

Everyone wants to be happy in his life; it reveals nobody can achieve happiness in his life, as not all the continuants of happiness can be achieved simultaneously at any time in his life, i.e. satisfied job, handsome salary, good health, positivity, love, purpose, selflessness, sense of choice or i...

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How to avoid back office politics?

As we are working in corporate world and adhere its policies and professional ethics, but unfortunately staying long hours in office, it’s not possible to act professional all the time. Whenever colleagues gets the relax time, they starts un-ethical and politics approach. These are few steps to avoi...

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You might get fired tomorrow

It does not matter the reason is frightening, disorienting, and troublesome to usual patterns. Getting fired is not at all fun. Layoffs are similarly frightening. In either situation, your feelings of self-esteem and confidence are dealt a blow. Just when you require an optimistic view to help you d...

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How to create an efficient team in an organization

These days’ people in each office speak about structuring a successful team, functioning as a team, and my team, except few recognizes how to create the skill of team work or how to build up an efficient team. Belonging to a team, in the broadest intellect, is a consequence of feeling part of someth...

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How to retain your most excellent employees in organization

Hiring the right staff and keeping the right staff matters, particularly as you struggle for the most excellent talent in the future.A peer group for Human Resource Management press release exposed the answer to the question of what people plan to act every time job markets bounce back. The majority...

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Some immense ways to express the appreciation to employees.

You can let know your colleagues and employees how much are they important to you and how much you value them and their contribution or participation any day in the year. Believe me, no special occasion is essential. In fact, little surprises and tokens of appreciation extend throughout the year ass...

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Things to discuss with HR prior accepting an offer

At a time, a lot of people had the mindset that jobs were hard to come by, so they should take whatsoever was offered to them, with no inquiry asked. Now days, people are becoming very particular concerning their professional way and they know that they are worthy of more than the bare minimum. Now ...

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