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It’s a professional workplace! Control your temper, now!

“Control your temper and stop crying". Do you remember the nagging scolding from your disturbed parent when you were young? Well, this runs true even in the workplace. You need to control the ups...

  • Created Date25 Jan, 2019
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Harassment at work! Deal with it now

People trudge to work every day to achieve ambitious targets that they have set for themselves. With a confident step they report to office daily and immerse themselves in an atmosphere where the...

  • Created Date27 Dec, 2018
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Did he touch you inappropriately? Beware of Sexual harassment in the workplace

You may have noticed that women who travel in trains and buses are often groped at, in the mob-pushing and prodding. Sex-starved men stand close to these unaware and ignorant ladies and grab an e...

  • Created Date14 Feb, 2019
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