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How Can Social Media Help Your Candidate Search

Social media is playing a major role in the recruitment process.  Promoting your job openings by posting ads on social media network is a cost-effective way to engage with the good amount of job seekers. Numerous people use social networking sites for career research and job search. Many rec...

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These Strategic Goals Can Help to Focus Your Recruiting Function

It would be amazing to have a team that works and cooperates with each other. Recruitment is a process of hiring new candidates. When you are hiring anyone, you should keep in mind that he/she is going to work with your existing team. ...

  • Created Date12 Feb, 2014
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Leaders Skills- Help Others, Help Yourself

To be a successful leader, we need other people’s intelligence and other people’s cooperation. We need to be able to attract into our life and work the help, assistance, influence and active involvement of lots of other people in achieving our goals. Let me narrate a funny but interes...

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Need Help on Leave Policy

Hi, recently I joined in NCR Location, where I need to maintain the leave register of all employees. There is no track of leave record and there is no leave policy in this organization.I need the maintain the all track and Leave record. Can you please share with me Leave Policy and soft copy of leav...

  • Created Date22 Feb, 2018
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Need help on latest Pf rules

I need the help on latest changed Provident Fund's rules. I gone through the last 2017 rules, but I don't know the recently changed some new rules and its amendments.Please help me by sharing the new implementations....

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Company Termination Policy- Need Help

May I know if employee is not performing well in a company , then how company can terminate him & when his salary should be credited, any notice period is required or not....

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Need help in bulk hiring in NCR

Hello friends, there is urgent requirements for support associates in NCR location. We have new processes and need to hire in bulk with in short time span. There is a requirement of 350 candidates, fresher and experience can apply, we need this for BPO industry, flexible rotational shifts, 24*7 proc...

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How to update untidy HR Functions - Please Help

My HR is totally unprocessed and there is no systematic SOPs in the organisation. I want to streamline all the Hr department and all policies, Please help me out how I can make it possible....

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Need Help For My HR Professional Career

Hello Friends, I'm Neha Sharma and just completed MBA -HR, I want to start my Career in HR, but don’t have any Practical Knowledge of HR, I given 2 or 3 Interviews in companies but they are considering fresher. They need who have hr practical knowledge. Please provide me the data what...

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Need Help Regarding Full & Final Settlement

Hello Sir, I've been working with a private Limited Company from January 2009 to January 2014. After acceptance of my resignation, they have given me a letter stating that we will issue Full & Final sheet to you; on acceptance of the same we will pay your dues within a month. Actually,...

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