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There is great collection of blogs and articles in across world. Reading the appropriate gives you satisfaction and adds your knowledge. Any time you read an article/ blog, you gain something new and understand the things more widely. It gives you new ideas to explore yourself more and this allows y...

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Urgently Required PHP Developers

We are looking for PHP DEVELOPERS, having 6 months- 2yrs of experience, for the Mohali location. If anyone is interested or has some good references, please contact me at 0172-4619316 or share your resume at

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How should HR get connected with employees?

HR professionals have a big responsibility to keep connected to the employees working in the organization in order to keep the employee motivation high. The motivated and positive attitude helps in getting better employee performance.To connect well with all the employees in the organization, there ...

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Guide for HR Professionals to succeed in their career

Completing a professional degree and landing up a job in human resources department is not enough to succeed in the career of HR professionals. We are challenged every day with the new developments in terms of regulations and law and even the cultural differences. HR professionals not only need to k...

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Career Advise for HR Professionals

With the changing times and business solutions, HR has become one of the important and integral parts of the business strategies. Talent Management is an important as well as a difficult process of any corporation. No matter, which industry we are working in, keeping you updated with the HR trends i...

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Things HR Professionals hate about their job

Human Resources Professionals are also humans and are prone to hating few aspects of their own job profiles. Thought their focus is on each and every employee that they love what they do and helping them to come to that point of satisfaction, there are times when they themselves need someone to help...

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Myths that HR professionals should not Believe

Human resources management is the backbone of any organization that helps them to streamline the process across the departments hiring the best of the talent available and suitable for the work profiles. Most of the HR professionals argue that the primary difficulty for producing persuasive, empiric...

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With changing business and HR trends, all the HR professionals are required to keep them updated to cope up with the up-gradations. In such scenario, it become inevitable that we keep ourselves connected with some platform that can give us all the required information, latest trends and information,...

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How HR can motivate employees

The key to success for any organisation is happy and motivated employees. Managers and Leaders can really have a tough time leading a team if they do not have motivated people with them. The following are a few measures that can be taken to increase employee engagement and make them feel good about ...

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HR is aware that Open Office Environment doesn’t work at all

According to a study, an employee takes only 37 seconds to know that the open office environment is not going to work for him/ her and it will just suck. For the obvious reasons, when you move across the office and look out for other people who are already working there in the open office environmen...

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