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Organization Mirrors the Society - A Comparison Between Social Events and Career Events

All over my career thus far, I have been always fascinated by the extensive similarities between many of the social events (more so in the context of the Indian culture) and career events. In fact, these events not only match on the face, they also have a common spirit behind. Is it because of this that organizations largely mirror the societies in which they operate?...

  • Created Date01 Jul, 2014
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Urgently Required PHP Developers

We are looking for PHP DEVELOPERS, having 6 months- 2yrs of experience, for the Mohali location. If anyone is interested or has some good references, please contact me at 0172-4619316 or share your resume at

  • Created Date03 Mrz, 2018
  • Views839 A Helping Hand for HR Professionals

With changing business and HR trends, all the HR professionals are required to keep them updated to cope up with the up-gradations. In such scenario, it become inevitable that we keep ourselves connected with some platform that can give us all the required information, latest trends and information,...

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What would be the future scope of HR department?

Now a days HR department playing a very crucial and vast role in all organization, but recently we have seen that some organisations are planning for HR automation, So I want to know about the re...

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HR Certifications: Are they worth it?

You should definitely get an HR certification. As a progressive and career-oriented HR professional, it should be a must. Why? Taking a certification shows your pro activeness in building your ca...

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Want a job in HR sector

Hi .... I have done my MBA in HR and Finance ... I worked with many companies but now I want to continue my career in HR field ... I also gave so many interviews but they want experience persons ... Do u hire freshers ?...

  • Created Date08 Feb, 2018
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Looking Job in HR Department

I am looking out for job change with HR Department. I come with 7.5 Years of experience in the HR field....

  • Created Date20 Dez, 2018
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Suggest any course after Completing MBA in HR

My friend is pursuing MBA in HR and after completing her MBA , she want to do one more course in HR which increase the importance in HR field, can you please suggest me any course related to HR....

  • Created Date23 Apr, 2018
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Good Way To Lead HR By Non HR Professional

I do not intend a provocation. Indeed, I have great respect for those who have chosen HR as a career path. Their expertise enables organization efficacy and their skill set in service of a business’ most important asset, people, enables collective success. Like mother’s these surrogates care for and nurture the organization keeping things in balance....

  • Created Date19 Aug, 2014
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What are the duties of an HR Manager?

I need to develop the KRA of HR manager for our organisation. Would like to know about the duties and jobs responsibilities of an HR manager. Can you please help me on this....

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