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Tips to give constructive feedback as an HR Professional

Truly said, Feedback is the breakfast of the champions. It is really important for everyone in an organisation. Giving constructive feedback to your team members is really very important as they get to know where they are, how are they performing, what their goals are, and what really they can do to...

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Good Way To Lead HR By Non HR Professional

I do not intend a provocation. Indeed, I have great respect for those who have chosen HR as a career path. Their expertise enables organization efficacy and their skill set in service of a business’ most important asset, people, enables collective success. Like mother’s these surrogates care for and nurture the organization keeping things in balance....

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What makes HR Professional successful?

Is it their expertise in human resource or versatile skills in this domain? When we talk about Hr Professional, we always think about the qualities and versatile skills in that person including g...

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Labor Laws that every HR professional should be aware of

“Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they’re not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.” ? Ken RobinsonAn HR manager is a person who needs to manage every step of the organ...

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Upgrading is Important, If You Want To Stay

Now a day, no one going to ask these questions from you except yourself. If you want to grow in your domain, you need to update yourself from time to time. You know, a remarkable leader can give remarkable results within the time frame. You can stay in any organization if you have job skills, personality, team bonding, punctuality, zeal for achieving the targets...

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Seven Attributes The HR Professional Must Possess - A Passage to The Coveted Spot

A great deal has been penned about the need for the Human Resource Department to become a 'Strategic' business partner. A lot has been spoken about how the HR Pros can turn into the 'catalysts' or 'change agents'. A great deal has been discussed about, "it is the time to reinvent the Human Resource Department". A lot of brouhaha has been around on why the HR Pros do not make it to the Board of Directors or the 'Think Tank'....

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Have These HR Skills, You Will Never Get Fired

A HR person should have great knowledge of his/her domains, first they should have the knowledge of their Roles and Responsibilities, which are already assigned by the company. One should have a core foundation in the many functions of Human Resources. ...

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Not A Human Resource Professional? Grab An HR Internship

Every organization needs a strong and efficient employee pool to run smoothly and the process of hiring the right people and developing their skills is the responsibility of the Human Resource Professional. What if one is not trained in the human resource development field? What will be the best...

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Need Help For My HR Professional Career

Hello Friends, I'm Neha Sharma and just completed MBA -HR, I want to start my Career in HR, but don’t have any Practical Knowledge of HR, I given 2 or 3 Interviews in companies but they are considering fresher. They need who have hr practical knowledge. Please provide me the data what...

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How HR professionals can use Technology more effectively

The success of any business gets a great share from the effective use of technology. Technology helps production, marketing strategies, sales processes to run smoothly. It helps employees to plan their day ahead more efficiently and remain informed about the various notifications, strategies, and de...

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