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A Brief Check list of Labour Laws

A brief checklist of all labour laws composted by P.B.S Kumar. Indian labour law, it refers to laws regulating worker / labour in India. Usually, Indian governments at federal and state level have sought to ensure a high degree of protection for lobours, but in practice, legislative rights only cove...

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Is Employee Bond Valid As Per The Labour Laws In India?

Hello Friends, I have a very serious question in my mind. Is employee bond valid as per the labour laws in India? If yes could you please share little information regarding the same and its appli...

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Indian Labour Laws / Acts - 90 FILES & FORMATS

Hi friends, please find here enclosed labour law Zip file, this will help you to understand the Indian laws and regulation procedures. Indian Labour Laws – you can find all Acts and Statuary formats / Implementation Procedure on various Labour Laws - 60+ FILES & FORMATSThe Minimum Wages Act, 194...

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I am here attaching the complete factory act 1948 for your kind consideration. All sections and details are covered in this attachment and surely this will will help you lot to understand all the points....

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Bond- Agreement. Is It Legal In India?

There is Lot of Attrition BPO Domains, people are leving the organisation within six monts. There can be so many resons of this. So BPO Industries and other service Industries facing so may challegea about this attrions. I want to know about Bond- Agreement. Is this legal in India?. Can we s...

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Maternity leave extension after availing 182 days leaves

One our lady employee has availed 26 weeks of maternity leave. Now she has submitted the application for leave extension of one month along with medical certificate by hospital stating a reason as ''suffering from a backache''.Is this leave payment is payable?...

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What is ISMS HR audit?

Recently I Joined in new organization, just one month gone and I came to know that there is HR ISMS audit in next month.So we need to prepare our self for this audit and management has said they don’t want any NC in HR. Can you please guide me for this proper, how I can prepare the whole things for ...

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Maternity Benefits Under The Maternity Benefits Act, 1961

The Maternity Benefit Act, aims to regulate of employment of women employees in certain establishments for certain periods before and after child birth and provides for maternity and certain other benefits....

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Why Human Resource Policy?

Like Quality Policy, each organization must have its own HR Policy. It is the duty of the HR Managers to design HR Policy for their organization. Drafting a HR Policy is not an easy job whereas it requires lot of inputs to be incorporated....

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When Emotions Get in the Way By Francine Crystal

It is not unusual in a communications workshop for a participant to state a learning goal of "putting emotions aside so I can communicate more clearly." What he/she is usually expressing is a desire to sound rational and logical, to not show how difficult the conversation feels....

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