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How HR is responsible for legal compliances?

Human resources is the center if any organization who is responsible to attract, hire, train, and retain the best talent that need to execute the strategies made and achieve their goals. Human resources legal compliances are necessary for any business to be flourishing in today’s lawful environment....

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Enquiry For Compliances Institute

repected seniours pls tell me any institute name of cmpliances training in dehradoon and chandigarh ...

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Protocols for legal and ethical termination of an employee

Employees are often terminated by the employers without even following the formal rules and regulations. Instantly terminating employee from the organization is obviously easy but such terminatio...

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Need Indian Legals Document Updates

Hello Friends, my brother has completed recently his LLB and he is practicing with lawer. He was asking about; if I know the good sites for complete Indian Legal Document. I dint find such as any relevant site. Please help if you know from where we can get daily updates and Legal documents sample fr...

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Bond- Agreement. Is It Legal In India?

There is Lot of Attrition BPO Domains, people are leaving the organization within six months. There can be so many reasons for this. So BPO Industries and other service Industries facing so many challenges about these attritions...

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What is ISMS HR audit?

Recently I Joined in new organization, just one month gone and I came to know that there is HR ISMS audit in next month.So we need to prepare our self for this audit and management has said they don’t want any NC in HR. Can you please guide me for this proper, how I can prepare the whole things for ...

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Indian Labour Laws / Acts - 90 FILES & FORMATS

Hi friends, please find here enclosed labour law Zip file, this will help you to understand the Indian laws and regulation procedures. Indian Labour Laws – you can find all Acts and Statuary formats / Implementation Procedure on various Labour Laws - 60+ FILES & FORMATSThe Minimum Wages Act, 194...

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What is employment Bond agreement - Need Sample

What is employment bond, Is this legal in India?Our Operation head is asking for the employment bond of all employee, because there is huge attrition on the shop floor, now they want legal employment bond so that attrition can be reduced.Please provide me Bond sample and suggest, if it is legal in I...

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Can employee take legal action if not getting salary slip?

I want to know that if employer is not giving the salary slips to their employees. Can they take legal action against the employer?...

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Legal Action against Employees Who Left Without Completing Notice Period

Recently I joined in Noida center; I need your support on below matter. I found there is tendency of some employees, who are just taking the salary on 7th of the month, they don’t turn on 8th. Even they haven’t submitted their notice period also. I know there may be various reason of their abscondin...

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