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Payroll management software

What are the benefits of online payroll systems?We live in a digital world. There is no denial to the fact that we are now advancing towards a world where automation, AI are increasingly being pu...

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Stepwise Payroll Management- Easy Process

Payroll is crucial part of Hr department, and it needs to handle vary carefully without any ignorance. Find here attached easy payroll’s steps; you can follow these always when you preparing the payrolls inputs and final processing. We know in good HR, there is everything documented. If we have poli...

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Resignation not accepted from payroll company

I am working as contract in a Network and IT solutions Company under payroll of other company.On 08th November 2020, I sent a resignation mail to HR of my payroll company(Consulting Firm) and men...

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My Payroll Company HR Has Not Replied To My Resignation Mail

I am working as contract in a Software Company under payroll of other company. On 31 July 2014, I sent a resignation mail to HR of my payroll company(Consulting Firm) and mentioned my last day of working as 30 Aug 2014, giving 30 days notice as per the company polices.  I still haven...

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Recruitment Solutions , Manpower Solutions ,Payroll Services Contractual manpower in NCR

Desire Workmen Solutions LLP is amalgamation of complete HR Solution with specializes in the Recruitment Solutions Payroll Services, Contractual Manpower across all verticals. Desire Workmen Solu...

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Skills Required for New Human Resource - Execuitve

Anyone who wants to start their career in Human Resource, they need to lean these basic skills. I am here mentioning the list for required skills, If one should have these skills of Hr, they can start and grow in this domain...

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How to Appreciate your Employees Productively

Employee recognition and appreciation used to be considered as ‘nice to have’ activity in the corporate life. However, in today’s time, it is ‘need to have’ activity for any successful organization. Most of the companies have their policies in place in terms of recognizing the employees at the workp...

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How to handle Employee Attrition

One of the major problems every organisation faces is the employee attrition. No matter how good the company culture is or how much appreciation an employee gets in his tenure when an employee has to go, he has to go. A high rate of attrition or manpower turnover in a company means more of recruitin...

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How HR can motivate employees

The key to success for any organisation is happy and motivated employees. Managers and Leaders can really have a tough time leading a team if they do not have motivated people with them. The following are a few measures that can be taken to increase employee engagement and make them feel good about ...

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Tips to have successful Campus Hiring

Once you get the requirements to hire for your organization, you sit to mark the details of the job requirements. These details can include the educational background, age factor, total experience required, particular skills needed, behavioural aspects as well as the personality traits. When you nee...

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