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Recruitment & Selection Policy

The recruitment and selection policy is very important for big and small industries. If companies follow the process of recruitment and hire according to their policy, they can select and hire the right candidate within the time frame. ...

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Recruitment mistakes, Start-Ups should avoid

Start-Ups are a special case when it comes to recruitment. The process of recruitment and the selection of candidates depend on a number of factors when we hire them for a start-up. They should consider creative strategies for their recruitment process to attract and hire the best of the candidates....

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Looking to get empaneled as a vendor for IT recruitment

Help to add some clients to work for IT recruitment Looking for vendor Empanelment with IT clients to support their Talent need.. Pls help if you have any leads...

  • Created Date07 Jun, 2020
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Assistant Manager Recruitment- Human Resource (Female) Required

We have an urgent opening for an Assistant Manager of HR female candidates in Chandigarh and Mohali locations. One should have sound knowledge in Recruitment., one should have worked in a Talent Acquisition / Recruitment role for at least 3 to 9 years in a Financial Services firm ...

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HR MIS Forms and Formats – Recruitment MIS

Data capturing is very important for all departments especially in human resource. HR always keep all the records of all candidates in their personal files and well in MIS records. So here I have some MIS formats for your knowledge. You can also find other various Hr forms and formats which I have u...

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Trends shaping the Future of Recruitment

As the time changes, the structure and the process change accordingly. It is the time for a completely new era in the field of recruitment where we are moving very fast towards artificial intelligence and less of the human interactions. Hiring a good talent for your company has become extremely tran...

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All you need to know to setup your own Recruitment Business

International Recruiters Day is celebrated on March 9 every year. This is the field in Human Resources department that every HR professional goes through at least once in their career. Every recruiter knows how much effort one needs to put in to close every single open position. It takes a lot of ti...

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Recruitment And Selection Process, Mapower And Budget Tracking System, Ats, Hiring Parameters For Selection

Hi ,   I am looking out for recruitment process, templates and forms for 1. manpower requisition tracking - include new and replacement vacancises with the current budget and manpower approval. 2. Process for JD specification with evaluation parameter for generic selection p...

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Artificial Intelligence can’t replace these Recruitment Skills

Artificial Intelligence is coming to the corporate at a faster speed and the companies are trying their best to incorporate the latest AI technology in one or the other way. HR professionals may think that it will replace them in the companies but that is clearly a myth. Artificial Intelligence is c...

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Recruitment Solutions , Manpower Solutions ,Payroll Services Contractual manpower in NCR

Desire Workmen Solutions LLP is amalgamation of complete HR Solution with specializes in the Recruitment Solutions Payroll Services, Contractual Manpower across all verticals. Desire Workmen Solu...

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