Retaining the Employees is as important as Hiring

Updated: Dec 21, 2018 UTC
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Recruitment always remains the main part of any Human Resources department. There is a lot of planning, time, and expenses involved in hiring each candidate and filling all the open position in the organization. Even after the candidate joins, an organization needs to spend a lot of money apart from their salaries to complete their joining formalities and to accomplish their basic necessities during the on-boarding process. The induction and formal product and non-product trainings are other tasks that are required to complete within the given time frame.

I have spent more than 8 years handling HR role and here I am sharing few tips to keep your attrition rate in control taking proper measures to avoid the exits.

Company Culture: The place and environment where an employee works make a huge difference in keeping them stick to your organization. It is our duty to create an environment where the employees wait to come back and work to prove themselves. This keeps them motivated to stay with the company for a longer period of time. They should feel that their working place is another family for them.

Tracking the Retention: Even if you have one exit in a month, it is important to track the retention details on the annual basis. If at all, you do not keep all the records related to the employees, their reason of leaving, and what all are they getting from the new offer, you won’t be able to take the proper measures.

Know who they are quitting: We read very often that the employees quit their boss, not a company. I don’t believe much in the statement because if you go by the fact, the reason behind leaving their reporting manager and the company go hand in hand. Even if the issue is related to their reporting manager, it can be resolved, only if you have created a culture of open talks among the managers, HR professionals as well as the management.

Train your Reporting Manager: Even the reporting managers are humans and they need to get some sort of trainings to match their leadership responsibilities. One training session I always conduct for the managers is ‘Pyramid Shift’ to make them aware of the exact expectations and responsibilities we have from them as well as their teams. The managers should not have that much of pressure that start giving the same to their team.

Share clear Career Path: Other than their salaries, an employee can remain motivated if he/ she has clear path to achieve their goals. Of course, not everyone can become a CEO of the company, but we can use their unique competency, nurture it and take them ahead to the next levels. Having a clear growth path keep them motivated and ready to take new challenges and work better on the same.

BE Flexible in Working conditions: Keep an eye within your organization to know better about the working conditions faced by the employees at first hand. Keep talking to them or you can go for satisfaction surveys of 5-10 minutes asking questions to know more about the positive as well as negative thoughts they have about their job profile, managers, organization, and their working conditions.

Find out their Stressors: Each individual is different, and so are their situations and problems. Try to know more about the stress factor they are facing and work on the solutions. You can also consider training the team leaders to handle few of the stresses that their team members are going through.

Re-evaluate the Salary packages: An HR professional should keep on doing research on the salary packages other competitors in the same industry and the other industries are offering. If in case you find huge differences, proper measures need to be taken to revise your organization’s manpower budgets accordingly.

In the end, all the companies and HR department like to have the best of the talent getting hire and remain with them happily. Taking small steps towards employees can save a lot of money, efforts, and time of the organizations spent in rehiring.

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