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Updated: Jan 15, 2019 UTC
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Everyone wants to grow in his/her life, but very few people make their life successful. Most of the people don’t know because of lack of the basic steps and proper guidance. how do you measure your success? do you have any mantra for it? Here I want to share some tips for successful growth. Follow these steps day by day and make your target to complete these steps within targeted time, definitely you will reach somewhere by following these steps.

Vision/ Target: First of all you should make a vision or target for your future, where you will be in next five years, what will be your emoluments. If you have target and vision then you can think to accomplish. Without vision or target, no one can win the match.

Your skills: Now you have target or vision of your future, so your second step should be your skills, resources. Skills mean your education, communication skills, your confidence, your job knowledge, your personality, your commitment, punctuality, stability, and reliability. Do you have these skills? Ask yourself today and if you’re lacking somewhere, be ready to learn fast, you don’t have much time, plan your timetable and target to accomplish all skills in yourself.

Planning: The next step is your planning and strategy toward your growth and future vision. Plan your future step by step; make your daily and small target to achieve the big target in set time frame. Once you have planned for your future growth, then you can think about execution.

Execution: It is a most important step and all growth depends on how you execute your planning. Anyone can make his/her planning, but its right and strategic execution is the key point of success.

Passion: Zeal or passion should be there to accomplish any job or task. If you have passion toward this you can achieve your target within time. Many people start to work in a normal way, they can’t get desired success until they involved with full passion and energy. Without zeal/ passion, no one can take the taste of growth.

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