How to handle late coming employees effectively?

Updated: Feb 01, 2019 UTC
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Employees are the main people who run a business. Time is another important element when it comes to performance and productivity. When an employee is constantly late to work it leads to a lot of delay in work and frustration. Even it gives a bad example to people around. At the end of the day people are paid for the work and time they devote at their workplace. The problem should be addressed in a proper manner. It becomes the responsibility of HR professionals to talk to the employees are constantly coming late in the office with or without a reason. In case there are some genuine reasons, these can get sought out collectively with proper discussions. 

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Here, we are sharing few tips to regulate the late coming of employees in the office so that you can manage and measure their performance in a constructive way.

1.  Identify the reason-The first and foremost way is to find out the reason behind an employee getting late. If it’s once a while it is fine, else the manager needs to look deep and identify the reason behind an employee coming late to work. If he has got late due to traffic,accident,car break down or some medical emergency, the behavior is excusable, otherwise proper action needs to be taken.

2.Policy:Having a proper policy in hand about the work timings can also be a good solution. If employees will be paid as per the office timings they will automatically be on time in office. This doesn’t mean you need to be very harsh on the employee. A soft approach will help you do better.

3.Communicate the consequences:If an employee is occasionally late ask him to make up for the time and if it’s out of habit give him a warning in writing or a cut in salary to explain him better.

4.Review the performance on a daily basis: If an employee has started getting late on a regular basis, it is really advisable to do his performance review on a daily basis to see the productivity. He should be realizing at the end of the day what actually is his daily performance.

5.Reward Improvements:If you see an employee improving after a few measures taken by you. It’s really good to appreciate him in person and in front of other team members as well. This really encourages people to keep performing better.

6.Come up with a solution together:When you are pointing out a bad habit in someone it’s not that you do not like the person. You are just focusing on one of his bad habit. So instead of only putting blames, come out of a solution together.

Hence, changes needs to be reinforced through praise. Each employee is different. What works for one employee may not necessarily work for others as well. We are human beings after all. If situation can be dealt with softer aspects no hard rules should be brought into. If possible it is always advisable to be a little flexible rather than being hard and loose the employee forever for petty reasons. Also always remember that you are a leader, and your punctuality gives an example to other team members. Only saying and not doing yourself can lead to very bad effects on the team members. Employees should also be trained about punctuality and discipline. Collectively if the above measures are taken a team leader can really help an employee from leaving the organisation and improve upon his late coming to workplace.

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