Why Good Employees quit their jobs

Updated: Feb 01, 2019 UTC
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Employees quit their job for many reasons. It may vary person to person depending upon their personal issues. It may be due to change in career; spouse getting transferred to another place etc. These are the measures which are beyond employer’s control. But a majority of the times when employees quit their job are under the control of an employer. Managers always tend to blame their turnover problems under the sun, while ignoring the real problems. This needs to be marked clearly that people do not leave their jobs, they leave their managers. Below mentioned are a few reasons why people quit their jobs. You can manage all of them to retain good employees.   

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They overburden good Employees-If you will simply increase the workload on people because they are good performers without changing a thing, they will definitely take a job that they deserve. It will make them feel that they are being punished for being good performers. If their job will start suffocating them they will definitely try to look out for a change. If you increase the workload of a person you should increase the status as well.Nobody, no matter how sincere they are will not like working on the same pay and work more.

No recognition-Different things work for different people. For some, it might be a raise in salary, for some a pat on the back and for some it can be public recognition.Managers really need to figure out what works best for their team members and then accordingly they should reward them for a job well done. It is really very important to reward and recognize your employees if you want to make them feel good about the place where they work. With top performers of the organization, it will happen quite happen if you are doing it right.

Boring and monotonous work profile-Nobody wants a work profile which is boring and non-challenging. Everybody wants to enjoy their work profile. They spend more than a third of their day in the office working, commuting and getting ready for work. Nobody would like to go to the place which does not excite them. Managers need to work closely with their people to find out what excites them about their work profile, what that is, that they want to do. This will really help you retain your good employees otherwise you will lose them to the employee you do not want to.

Relationship with the Boss and Co workers-It’s not always necessary to be friends with your people but you definitely need to have a good relationship with them. Having a toxic relationship with the person whom you report is not at all healthy thing for an employee in the organization. Boss is an integral part of their daily lives at work for an uncomfortable relationship.  So a reporting manager really needs to spend some time on developing good relations with their people.

Bringing it all together-If you want your best people to stay you need to be very careful about how you treat them. You need to make them for you. As good employees are quite talented they have a lot of options and getting a new job is not really tough for them.

Employees are also human beings and some managers really tend to forget this. Using emotional intelligence is really important while dealing with people in your organization. Even top performers have bad days at work so you should always make an effort to be compassionate and caring. Paying attention to few factors will stop your best employees not to quit.

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